Tutorial for Standalone App

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Using Baker is simple and even if there are some technicalities involved, it's doable with just basic technical knowledge.

This tutorial assumes that you choose the Standalone publication support in Baker. If you're not sure, read here.


  1. A Mac with Xcode
  2. An Apple iOS Developer account (required to publish to the store).


  1. Create your issues using the HPub tutorial.


  1. Download and unzip the latest version from the website.
  2. Open Baker.xcodeproj in the latest version of Xcode.
  3. Change the Bundle ID in Baker to your own Bundle ID (which you can find on iTunes Connect).
  4. Replace the icon files (ios-icon-*.png, check the Apple Guidelines for reference).
  5. Within Xcode, open folder Baker and the file settings.plist.
  6. Set the value for isNewsstand to NO
  7. Remove the following entries from Baker/Supporting Files/Baker-Info.plist:
    • UINewsstandIcon ("Icon files" -> "Newsstand Icon")
    • UIBackgroundModes ("Required background modes")
    • UINewsstandApp ("Application presents content in Newsstand") Baker-Info.plist
  8. Add your Hpub publications in the books folder in Xcode (unzipped, one publication per sub-folder) and build the application.


  1. Within Xcode, open file settings.plist inside the Baker folder.
    There you can set many details about the shelf look and feel.
    Title color, info text color, button color, button text color, loading color and so on.
  2. Within Xcode, open file Baker/Supporting Files/en.lproj/Localizable.strings.
    There you can set the shelf title, button titles and messages related to downloading and archiving.


  1. Test your publication, subscriptions and downloads
  2. If you have problems check the Problems and Debugging page.
  3. When you're ready, submit to the App Store.