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jod dictionary dump scripts
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joddumps README

This repository holds JOD dictionary dump scripts.

A JOD dump script is a serialized ASCII script that may be used to create, update or archive a JOD dictionary database. This repository contains current versions of my working JOD dictionaries. For more about JOD see the The JOD Page.

The following example shows how to restore JOD dictionaries from repository dump scripts.

  1. Use Git to pull scripts to a local joddumps directory.

    git init
    git remote add joddumps
    git pull joddumps master
  2. Start J, load JOD and create dictionaries. JOD is a J addon use JAL to install it.

    load 'general/jod'
    newd 'utils';'c:/users/owner/j64-601/utils'
    newd 'jod';'c:/users/owner/j64-601/jod'
    newd 'joddev';'c:/users/owner/j64-601/joddev'
  3. Run the dump scripts:

    od 'utils'
    0!:0 <'c:/joddumps/utils.ijs'
    0 globs&> }. revo ''  NB. rebuilds cross references
    3 od ''
    od ;:'jod utils'
    0!:0 <'c:/joddumps/jod.ijs'
    0  globs&> }. revo '' 
    3 od ''
    od ;:'joddev jod utils'
    0!:0 <'c:/joddumps/joddev.ijs'
    0  globs&> }. revo '' 
    3 od ''

After the dump scripts are loaded into dictionaries they can be opened and used by JOD.

      od ;:'joddev jod utils' [ 3 od ''

      did ~ 0
    │ ││      │--│Words│Tests│Groups*│Suites*│Macros│Path*            ││
    │ │├──────┼──┼─────┼─────┼───────┼───────┼──────┼─────────────────┤│
    │ ││joddev│rw│75   │5    │4      │0      │13    │/joddev/jod/utils││
    │ │├──────┼──┼─────┼─────┼───────┼───────┼──────┼─────────────────┤│
    │ ││jod   │ro│662  │43   │20     │6      │55    │/jod/utils       ││
    │ │├──────┼──┼─────┼─────┼───────┼───────┼──────┼─────────────────┤│
    │ ││utils │ro│330  │7    │17     │0      │9     │/utils           ││
    │ │└──────┴──┴─────┴─────┴───────┴───────┴──────┴─────────────────┘│

John Baker December 31, 2013

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