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Scripts for downloading and searching data (ALOS-2, Sentinel-1, TerraSAR-X)
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This repository has some utility scripts used for searching and downloading data from various providers.


  1. - Command line download of data from AUIG2. Eliminates the need to log into the Web/Silverlight interface to download your orders


  1. - Download a product from SciHub given the product id
  2. - More robust script to create a local database of SciHub products, search that database with a shapefile or WKT geometry, and download products. You will need GDAL python bindings for this to work.

TerraSAR-X: Useful scripts for downloading data from DLR, comparing TDX acquisitions with tasking orders, and KML of orders and aquired data

  1. - This will compare the ASCII from EOWEB with the TanDEM-X_Acquisition_Timeline found under the Investigator tab on the DLR Science Service System for conflicts with your tasking orders. You will need to download the Excel spreadsheet and save it as a CSV.
  2. - This will create a KML from the ASCII from EOWEB for tasking orders and search results.
  3. - This script downloads data for your proposals from DLR's FTP. This requires Python 2.7+
  4. - This searches the TerraSAR-X Archive using a WKT geometry and creates a KML of the results.
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