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title: Home
<h1>Meet the Baker</h1>
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<p>Baker is an opinionated MVP toolkit that helps you build mobile apps crazy fast. It is based on React Native and Parse Server and bundles a whole lot of goodies inside a delicious package that will help you type less and do more.</p>
<p>Baker is open source and is available on <a target="_blank" href="{{site.github.repository_url}}">Github</a>.</p>
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<h2>Key Features</h2>
<li>Type less do more</li>
<li>All tools come pre-configured</li>
<li>100% hackability - update Baker to suit your needs</li>
<li>Solid foundation in case your MVP turns into P (product)</li>
<li>No mumbo-jumbo</li>
<h2>What is included</h2>
<li>Fully bootstrapped React Native application featuring
<li>Component tests using Jest snapshots</li>
<li>Redux Sagas for data fetching and various async tasks</li>
<li>Parse SDK + GraphQL client for Parse Server</li>
<li>Application server with
<li>Parse Server and Dashboard</li>
<li>GraphQL for Parse</li>
<li>Tests using Jest</li>
<li>Code generators for
<li>Components and Containers</li>
<li>Data models</li>
<li>Easy deployments with
<li>Fastlane for your mobile app</li>
<li>Heroku for the application server</li>
<li>Pretty awesome CI for iOS on Bitrise </li>
<li>Fully hackable internals with Yeoman based generators</li>