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Contributing to the blockchain adoption | Building @tzkt and @dipdup-io


  1. tzkt Public

    😼 Awesome Tezos blockchain indexer and API

    C# 170 26

  2. pytezos Public

    Forked from murbard/pytezos

    🐍 Python SDK for Tezos | Michelson REPL and testing framework

    Python 104 34

  3. netezos Public

    Netezos is a cross-platform Tezos SDK for .NET developers, simplifying the access and interaction with the Tezos blockchain

    C# 35 17

  4. bcdhub Public

    Better Call Dev backend

    Go 32 15

  5. Beacon .NET SDK for Tezos wallet developers to seamlessly connect to multiple dApps

    C# 11 3

  6. bcd Public

    Better Call Dev frontend —Tezos smart contract explorer and search portal

    Vue 28 12


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