Gearmand metrics exporter for Prometheus
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Export gearman metrics in Prometheus format.

Build Status Docker Image


See Releases for pre-built binaries.


./gearman-exporter --help
Gearman metrics exporter

  gearman-exporter [flags]

      --addr string       listen address for metrics handler (default "")
      --gearmand string   address of gearmand (default "")

When running, a simple healthcheck is availible on /healthz


A docker image is published from the Travis build to Docker Hub.

docker run -p9418:9418 gearmanexporter/gearman-exporter --addr


Metrics will be exposed on /metrics

curl http://localhost:9418/metrics

# HELP gearman_jobs number of jobs queued or running
# TYPE gearman_jobs gauge
gearman_jobs{function="bar"} 0
gearman_jobs{function="foo"} 0

# HELP gearman_jobs_running number of running jobs
# TYPE gearman_jobs_running gauge
gearman_jobs_running{function="bar"} 0
gearman_jobs_running{function="foo"} 0

# HELP gearman_jobs_waiting number of jobs waiting for an available worker
# TYPE gearman_jobs_waiting gauge
gearman_jobs_waiting{function="bar"} 0
gearman_jobs_waiting{function="foo"} 0

# HELP gearman_workers number of capable workers
# TYPE gearman_workers gauge
gearman_workers{function="bar"} 1
gearman_workers{function="foo"} 1

# HELP gearman_up is gearman up
# TYPE gearman_up gauge
gearman_up 1

# HELP gearman_version_info gearman version
# TYPE gearman_version_info gauge
gearman_version_info{version="1.1.18"} 1



Requires Go. Tested with Go 1.8+.

Clone this repo into your GOPATH ($HOME/go by default) and run build:

mkdir -p $HOME/go/src/
cd $HOME/go/src/
git clone
cd gearman-exporter
make build

You should then have two executables: gearman-exporter.linux.amd64 and gearman-exporter.darwin.amd64

You may want to rename for your local OS, ie mv gearman-exporter.darwin.amd64 gearman-exporter

Run Gearman server for testing

For testing you might want to run a gearman server with Docker:

docker run -p 4730:4730 cargomedia/gearman

While the server is running you could attach a worker function "foo" like this:

docker exec $(docker ps -qf ancestor=cargomedia/gearman) gearman -t9999 -wnf foo

Release new version

  1. Push a tag vX.Y.Z to Github
  2. Travis will build the program and create a Github release