Project Fifo Support for Chef's Knife Command
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Project Fifo Support for Chef's Knife Command


Add somethign like the following to your knife.rb. You can also just set them on the command line.

# HTTP API endpoint
knife[:fifo_endpoint] = ""
knife[:fifo_username] = "admin"
knife[:fifo_password] = "admin"

To list ipranges:

$ knife fifo iprange list                  
ID                                    Tag    Vlan  Network      Netmask
10982dac-4793-46e0-9550-da546521b564  admin  0

To list datasets:

$ knife fifo dataset list
ID                                    Name          OS     Type  Version
da144ada-a558-11e2-8762-538b60994628  ubuntu-12.04  linux  kvm   2.4.1

To list packages:

$ knife fifo package list
ID                                    Name    RAM   Quota  CPU CAP
bb22de19-5e00-43a8-8af9-bfc84839dfa4  medium  1024  16     25

To list servers:

$ knife fifo server list
ID                                    Alias       First IP    Dataset       Package  State
16500499-52e7-4b40-949a-6660ff9f7017  test-node2  ubuntu-12.04  medium   running

Finally, to create a new vm:

$ knife fifo server create --dataset da144ada-a558-11e2-8762-538b60994628 --package  bb22de19-5e00-43a8-8af9-bfc84839dfa4 --iprange  10982dac-4793-46e0-9550-da546521b564 -N test-node1 --run-list 'role[base]'

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