Prometheus exporter for php-fpm status. looking for a new owner of project.
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Export php-fpm metrics in Prometheus format.

See Releases for pre-built binaries.

Also availible on Docker Hub bakins/php-fpm-exporter


Requires Go. Tested with Go 1.8+.

Clone this repo into your GOPATH ($HOME/go by default) and run build:

mkdir -p $HOME/go/src/
cd $HOME/go/src/
git clone
cd php-fpm-exporter

You should then have two executables: php-fpm-exporter.linux.amd64 and php-fpm-exporter.darwin.amd64

You may want to rename for your local OS, ie mv php-fpm-exporter.darwin.amd64 php-fpm-exporter


./php-fpm-exporter --help
php-fpm metrics exporter

  php-fpm-exporter [flags]

      --addr string       listen address for metrics handler (default "")
      --endpoint string   url for php-fpm status (default "")
      --fastcgi string    fastcgi url. If this is set, fastcgi will be used instead of HTTP

When running, a simple healthcheck is available on /healthz

To use the HTTP endpoint you must pass through /status in your webserver and configure php-fpm to handle status requests. Example for nginx:

To use Fastcgi, set --fastcgi to a url such as tcp:// if php-fpm is listening on a tcp socket or unix:///path/to/php.sock for a unix socket. Note: php-fpm must be configured to use /status if using a unix socket, php-fpm-exporter does not currently support changing this.


Metrics will be exposes on /metrics



loosely based on which is MIT.