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This is a pimatic plugin to connect to heat pumps based on the luxtronik 2.0 control. It uses the implementation from


You can load the plugin by editing your config.json to include the following in the plugins section. The property interval (default is 60s) specifies the time interval in seconds for updating the data set. The property host defines the host name or ip of the Luxtronik2 service. The port optionally be defined (default ist 8888).

  "plugin": "luxtronik2",
  "host": "luxtronik host",
  "port": 8888
  "active": true

The plugin provides on device Luxtronic2Data which currently supports the following attributes.

  "id": "luxtronik",
  "name": "Luxtronik2",
  "class": "Luxtronic2Data",
  "attributes": [


This plugin can pe installed by executing the following command in the pimatic-app directory.

npm install pimatic-luxtronik2