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# This is basically a big hacked version of CodeRay::Scanners::Ruby,
# since the language semantics are the same in many areas, the patterns
# are where it will differ the most if i am correct.
module CodeRay
module Scanners
class Fancy < Scanner
register_for :fancy
file_exstension 'fy'
autoload :Patterns, File.expand_path(File.dirname(__FILE__)) + "/coderay/patterns"
autoload :StringState, File.expand_path(File.dirname(__FILE__)) + "/coderay/string_state"
def interpreted_string_state :string, true, ?"
def setup
@state = :initial
def scan_tokens encoder, options
state, heredocs = options[:state] || @state
heredocs = heredocs.dup if heredocs.is_a? Array
if state && state.instance_of? StringState
encoder.begin_group state.type
last_state = nil
method_call_expected = false
value_expected = true
inline_block_stack = nil
inline_block_curly_depth = 0
if heredocs
state = heredocs.shift
encoder.begin_group state.type
heredocs = nil if heredocs.empty?
patters = Patterns
unicode = string.respond_to? :encoding && == 'UTF-8'
until eos?
if state.instance_of? ::Symbol
if match = scan(/[ \t\f\v]+/
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