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require: "compiler"
def Fancy eval: code binding: binding (nil) file: file ("(fancy-eval)") line: line (1) {
@code @String@ of Fancy code to be evaluated.
@binding @Binding@ to evaluate @code in.
@file @String that is the name of @File@ from which @code is evaluated from (if any).
@line Starting line, defaults to 1.
binding if_nil: {
binding = Binding setup(Rubinius VariableScope of_sender(),
Rubinius CompiledMethod of_sender(),
Rubinius StaticScope of_sender())
# The compiled method
cm = Fancy Compiler compile_code: code vars: (binding variables()) file: file line: line
# Binding#static_scope was renamed to Binding#constant_scope a while ago.
# if the new version fails, retry with the old name for backwards compatibility (for now).
try {
cm scope=(binding constant_scope() dup())
} catch NoMethodError {
cm scope=(binding static_scope() dup())
cm name=('__fancy_eval__)
script = Rubinius CompiledMethod Script new(cm, file, true)
script eval_binding=(binding)
script eval_source=(code)
cm scope() script=(script)
be = Rubinius BlockEnvironment new()
be under_context(binding variables(), cm)
if: (binding from_proc?()) then: {
be proc_environment=(binding proc_environment)
be from_eval!()
be call()
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