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class Fancy Package {
class Dependency {
Package Dependency.
Represents a Dependency to another Package with a given version.
read_slots: ('name, 'version)
def initialize: @name version: @version ('latest);
class RubyDependency {
Same as @Fancy::Package::Dependency@, just for rubygem packages.
read_slots: ('gem_name, 'version)
def initialize: @gem_name version: @version ('latest);
def install {
Installs the RubyDependency (a RubyGem) via rbx -S gem on the system.
match @version {
case 'latest ->
System do: "rbx gem install #{@gem_name}"
case _ ->
System do: "rbx gem install -v=#{@version} #{@gem_name}"
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