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44 lines (34 sloc) 1.55 KB do |s| = "fancy"
s.version = "0.3.3"
s.authors = ["Christopher Bertels"] = "2011-04-28" = ""
files =
["", "LICENSE", "AUTHORS", "Rakefile", "boot/extconf.rb", "ruby_lib/fancy.rb"] +
Dir.glob("lib/**/*.fy") + Dir.glob("lib/parser/ext/**/*") +
Dir.glob("tests/**/*.fy") + ["tools/fancy-mode.el"] + ["bin/fancy", "bin/fdoc", "bin/fyi", "bin/ifancy"] +
Dir.glob("examples/**/*.fy") + Dir.glob("doc/**/*")
files = files.reject{ |f| f =~ /\.(fyc|rbc|o|log|plist)/ }.reject{ |f| f =~ /conftest\.dSYM/ }
files += Dir.glob("boot/**/*").reject{ |f| f =~ /conftest\.dSYM/ }.reject{ |f| f =~ /\.(fyc|rbc|o|log|plist)/ }
s.files = files
s.require_path = "ruby_lib"
s.extensions = 'boot/extconf.rb'
s.executables = ["fancy", "ifancy", "fdoc", "fyi"]
s.license = "BSD"
s.has_rdoc = false
s.homepage = ""
s.rubyforge_project = "fancy"
s.summary = "The Fancy Programming Language"
s.description = <<EOS
The Fancy Programming Language
Fancy is a fully self-hosted, dynamic, pure class-based
object-oriented programming language heavily inspired by Smalltalk,
Ruby and Erlang. It supports dynamic code evaluation (as in Ruby &
Smalltalk), class-based mixins, generic pattern matching, runtime
introspection & reflection, "monkey patching" and much more. It runs
on Rubinius, the Ruby VM, and thus has first-class integration with
Ruby's core library and any additional Ruby libraries that run on
Rubinius, including most C-extensions.
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