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v0.5.0 (Oct 05, 2011)
- Use ruby instead of rbx in fancy_lib/ scripts that are used when fancy is installed via rubygems.
- Revert Converted ruby_lib/ scripts to shell scripts to make them run faster.
- Merge branch 'better_docstrings'
- Updated Changelog
- Converted ruby_lib/ scripts to shell scripts to make them run faster.
- Small fix to Block#while_true: docstring
- prepare for v0.5.0
- Use fast instructions for certain operations when compiling MessageSends. This speeds up things like Fixnum arithmetic.
- Require rubygems and ruby dependencies in generated include file when installing a fancy package.
- Small improvements to actors example
- Merge branch 'master' of
- Added FutureSend#failure and use correct mutex in FutureSend#failed:
- added another dynamic scoping example using *stdout*
- Removed weird goto shit
- Fixed docstrings formatting so example code is formatted correctly on
- Performance improvements for loops of up to 10x in certain cases by using dynamic_method() for the lower-level logic of while_true:. Still allow next/break to work, as expected by wrapping lower-level implementation in Block#while_true:. #speeed!
- Added more methods and tests to Array and Tuple.
- Added Symbol#arity for compatibility with Block api.
- Small doctoring fix to Object#do:
- Simplified Person example
- Simplified actor ring example.
- Added @return to doctoring for Object#do:
- Small fix to boot/code_loader so bin/fdoc works again.
- Removed obsolete Array#any?:
- Return false in FancyEnumerable#any?:
- Added Symbol#call in boot/fancy_ext/ to allow symbols being used as callables when passing them to ruby code.
- Use alias for Ruby's Array#[]= in Array#[]: instead of Object#ruby:args:
- Small changes to Array methods.
- Added Class#ruby_aliases:
- Small improvement to Array#inspect
- small fix to fancy-mode.el for parsing symbols
- small typo fix
- updated README and doc/features (mentioning dynamic scoping)
- Added boot/fancy_ext/bootstrap.rb which is needed during bootstrap process so *stdout* is defined and rake -v works.
- Use short-cut conditional messages in Block methods.
- Added missing FalseClass#if_nil:else:
- Return self in Object#do:
- Use String#include? in Object#message_name: to get rid of weird crash on rbx-2.0.0pre. Need to look into the actual cause of the crash later.
- print duration of running tests when running fspecp
- Small fix to FutureSend: Send future message to receiver's actor after setting up FutureSend object.
- Don't auto-load FancySpec on startup. Load it explicitly in bin/fspec instead.
- small fix to copying dynamic vars in Thread#new
- Added support for preserving the values of dynamic vars when spawning a new thread based on the values in the current thread.
- Small fixes to tests.
- Added lib/vars.fy and load it in lib/boot.fy on startup. Also use *stdout* in Object#println.
- Added support for dynamic variable bindings using let:be:in:. Uses * surrounding variable names to indicate dynamic variable, e.g. *stdin* or *dynamic_var*.
- Added another Future test
- ignore .rbx dir
- Fixed concurrency issues with FutureSend class on rbx-2.0.0pre
- Added ConditionVariable wrapper class.
- Added Mutex wrapper class to lib/rbx/.
- Sort values before comparing in Set test.
- Array#println returns nil
- More tests for Set
- Added missing tests for Stack.
- Use reverse_each: in Stack#each:
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