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LICENSE More work on mendoza. Apr 13, 2019


Mendoza is a simple static site generator, extensible with and written in the Janet programming language. Use markdown to author content and handlebars-like syntax to create templates for your HTML pages. Inside templates, use the full power of the Janet language to generate content. Mendoza first parses markup into a document, are then rendered to HTML after going through custom transformations.


Mendoza was created to eventually be of use in the website for the Janet language - in this regard, it is aimed to be both a tool for authoring handwritten documentation files, but flexible enough for other static uses like a blog, slideshow, or personal website (things I would like to use mendoza for). However, much of this functionality should be plugged into Mendoza externally. The core of Mendoza should be fairly simple and dumb, at least in comparison to similar tools. It should only take a single content file to get a working site out of the box.


  • Simple markup language
  • Syntax Highlighting
  • Extensible with the Janet language - use Janet functions from within markup
  • ./mdz watch - File watching with inotifywait
  • ./mdz serve - Serve built static files
  • HTML templating features built in
  • No need for a configuration file
  • Arbitrary static files


First, make sure you have Janet installed. See the Janet docs for more information on this. Use the latest version from git, please. Once you have installed all of the requirements, clone this repository.

Global Installation

Run the ./install script to install janet on to your machine. This will only work on Linux/Posix for now. The mdz executable will now be on your path, so you can run commands such as mdz build to generate your site in any directory.

From within this repository

You can also clone this repository and modify it directly to generate your site. This makes it much easier to hack on the source itself and extend the language. This also works on all platforms that Mendoza supports.


Mendoza is licensed under the MIT License.

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