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Deprecated addon!

This addon is deprecated. You should use Containers instead.


What is priv8? This is a Firefox addon that uses part of the security model of Firefox OS to create sandboxed tabs. Each sandbox is a completely separated world: it doesn't share cookies, storage, and a lots of other stuff with the rest of Firefox, but just with other tabs from the same sandbox.

Each sandbox has a name and a color, therefore it will be always easy to identify which tab is sandboxed.

Also, these sandboxes are permanent! So, when you open one of them the second time, maybe after a restart, that sandbox will still have the same cookies, same storage, etc - as you left the previous time.

You can also switch between sandboxes using the context menu for the tab.

Here an example: with priv8 you can read your gmail webmail in a tab, and another gmail webmail in another tab at the same time. Still, you can be logged in on Facebook in a tab and not in the others. This is nice!

Moreover, if you are a web developer and you want to test a website using multiple accounts, priv8 gives you the opportunity to have each account in a sandboxed tab. Much easier then have multiple profiles or login and logout manually every time!

Priv8 is released under Mozilla Public License.

Manage your tabs in sandboxes increasing your privacy.

How to install?