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Currently in development

A Clojure library to write Microsoft Office Word 2007 document(a.k.a. DOCX). Does your data analysis application need to write reports in DOCX format without load too heavy tools? Try this and be happy.

What litedocx offers

  • a Clojure-friendly, brain-safe interface

  • light-weighted body

  • essential functions to create ordinary DOCX files (includes tabling, styling, inserting images etc.)

What litedocx does not offers (currently not planned)

  • building some serious DOCX documents (Java library 'docx4j' is recommended for this.)

  • surfing through DOCX documents

  • writing other OOXML documents (XLSX, PPTX, ...)


This project is not yet documented properly.



Copyright © 2014 Bak Yeon O.

Distributed under the Eclipse Public License, the same as Clojure