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# 1. Fetch Korean word dictionary
# * Korean dictionary source: KoNLPy (
import urllib.request
url = ''
fp = urllib.request.urlopen(url)
words = [str(line, 'utf-8').rstrip() for line in fp]
# 2. Remove unnecessary information from dictionary
# 2.1 Filter out words start with other than Hangul character
def is_hangul(ch):
return '가' <= ch <= '힣'
def starts_with_hangul(word):
return is_hangul(word[0])
words = [word for word in words if starts_with_hangul(word)]
# 2.2 Remove tags from dictionary
def remove_tag(word):
return word.split()[0]
words = [remove_tag(word) for word in words]
# 3. Group words by their length
import itertools
def group_by(seq, by):
acc = {}
for k, items in itertools.groupby(seq, by):
acc.setdefault(k, []).extend(items)
return acc
word_groups = group_by(words, len)
# 4. Find sator squares
def find_sator_3x3(words):
words = set(words)
rev = lambda w: "".join(reversed(list(w)))
words = [w for w in words if rev(w) in words]
squares = []
for w1 in words:
w2_match = lambda x: x[0] == w1[1] and x[-1] == w1[-2]
for w2 in filter(w2_match, words):
if w2 == rev(w2):
square = [w1, w2, rev(w1)]
return squares
squares = find_sator_3x3(word_groups[3])
# 5. Print found sator squares
for x in squares:
print("%s\n%s\n%s\n\n" % tuple(x))