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A port of the Vim/Atom One Dark and Light themes to Emacs
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One for Emacs

License: GPL v3 MELPA

One for Emacs is an Emacs port of the One theme for Vim/Neovim. It provides both the Dark and Light variants. (Note that the Vim theme itself was a port of One Dark and One Light syntax themes for the Atom editor.)

This theme is primarly tested under Emacs 24 or greater, but it should ideally work Emacs 23 as well. It is also implemented in terms of the builtin theming support in Emacs 24 or greater and does not provide support for the older color-theme-package.

Also note that I have not tested this theme for usage in terminals. I primarily use Emacs GUI, and that is the environment in which I tested this theme.


From Melpa using package.el

One for Emacs is available via the MELPA package.el repository. Instructions for setting up Melpa can be found here.

Afterwards, it's simply a matter of doing the following within your Emacs:

M-x package-install one-themes

Once installed, you can do:

(load-theme 'one-dark t)


(load-theme 'one-light t)

Using use-package

If you have use-package setup, then you should be able to do the following:

(use-package one-themes
  (load-theme 'one-dark t))


(use-package one-themes
  (load-theme 'one-light t))

Manual Installation

Clone this repository to some location on your PC.

(add-to-list 'load-path "<clone location>/emacs-one-themes")
(add-to-list 'custom-theme-load-path "<clone location>/emacs-one-themes")

Afterwards, you can simply follow the load-theme instructions from above to load the variant of One you want.

Supported Modes

  • Helm
  • Magit
  • Org
  • Dired
  • Flycheck
  • Markdown
  • EDiff
  • Company
  • Rainbow Delimiters
  • Spaceline
  • Ledger

And more.


All the below screenshots use the wonderful Pragmata Pro as the font.

Dired Mode

Helm Find Files Mode

Helm Find Buffer Mode


Rust (Sample for Font Lock Colours)


This port is very much a work-in-progress. I'm not a visual designer and have eyeballed colouring of the various faces based on the original Vim theme, as well as what looks pleasing to me. If you feel some colours could be improved, I'd happily accept PRs for the same.

If you find modes that are missing colour configurations, please feel free to contribute the same using PRs. This theme is heavily biased towards modes I use all the time.


This theme is licensed under the GNU Public License Version 3.0. For more info, please see the LICENSE file.


This theme draws heavily upon the colours and naming specified in Vim One by Ramzi Akremi.

Additionally, the design of this Emacs port is inspired by Bozhidar Batsov's Solarized and Steve Purcell's Tomorrow themes.

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