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Adi.js 👹

Lightweight jQuery plugin for Adblock detection


bower install adi.js

See it in action

To install follow the steps (order is important):

  • Include jQuery
  • Include advertisement.js and make sure jQuery.adblock = false; is inside the file
  • Include jquery.adi.js
  • Call $.adi({ /* your options here */ })


All parameters are optional.

Option Type Description
title string/html Modal's title
content string/html Modal's description
theme string Available: light, dark (default: light)


Method Description
active() Callback function triggered when $.adblock is undefined.
Adblock is active
inactive() Callback function triggered when $.adblock is false.
Adblock is inactive
onOpen() Callback function triggered when modal is appended to document.body and display is set to block
onClose() Callback function triggered when modal's display is set to none


Don't let user to see the content if adblock is active

  onClose: function(el) {
    /* refresh each time user close the modal */


  onClose: function(el) {
    window.location = 'http://some-website.com';

Add animation to modal

  onOpen: function(el) {
    /* make the modal bounce in by adding animate.css classes on modal */
    el.find('.jquery-adi_content').addClass('animated bounceInDown')