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Visual Regresion testing automation

Sources for the blog article Docker containers for Visual Regression Testing setup in which we propose a container for the automatization of visual testing a web application.

We improved upon the previous article which used maven plugins along with a .sh file to start a docker container and also required the reader to install 3rd party dependencies like imagemagick and phantomjs(which requires nodejs).

We propose instead to

  • Package all the above dependencies in a standard way by creating a new docker image named ui-tests .
  • Use Docker Compose as a way to start the container(base upon and link it to a generic Tomcat container.
  • We still rely on maven-cargo-plugin to deploy the war to a Tomcat(or whatever web app container we choose).

We've added pippo-demo.war file alongside to be easier to try it out. In a realcase scenario it will be built in another step and maybe have it copied in this job by Jenkins or pulled from a repository.

Prerequisites to running yourself locally

  • docker and docker-compose which are detailed again in the blog article
  • the container image file. We prepared to build locally the required images. We could have pushed them also to the docker registry, but I'd hate to take so much space.

Running the tests

After all the prerequisites have been met you can run:

  # docker-compose mvn -DflagUpdateReferenceScreenshots=true clean verify  

stopping the container and cleaning up

  # docker-compose stop
  # docker-compose rm