Backend for providing summarized crypto and fiat currency exchange rate data from multiple sources
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Balance Exchange Rate Server is the backend software that powers the Balance app's currency conversion system

New developer setup instructions for macOS:


  • Install MySQL 5.7 (brew update && brew install mysql && brew services start mysql)
  • Setup test data (instructions later)

Build instructions:

  • Clone repo
  • Run swift build from the root directory to pull all dependencies and confirm it builds
  • Run swift test to run unit tests
  • Run swift package generate-xcodeproj to create an Xcode project
  • Open BalanceExchangeRateServer.xcodeproj to get work on the project in Xcode
  • To run and debug the app in Xcode, choose the BalanceExchangeRateServer target and click run
  • Before running tests on Xcode. Install mysql. User root pass is test create database balance by using mysql -u root -e "create database balance"
  • To run the unit tests, choose the BalanceExchangeRateServer-Package target, choose My Mac from the menu directly to the right of the target selection menu, hit Command + U or use the menu option


  • Dependencies and xcodeproj are not checked into the repo due to how the swift package manager works, so any changes you make will only be persisted locally
  • The server runs both on Mac (built and run from command line or from Xcode) and on Linux (including inside Docker)