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Support Node.js Client #196

josephwegner opened this Issue · 14 comments

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Per my discussion with @mahmoudimus on IRC -

It would be very nice to have an official Node.js client from Balanced.

I'm aware that there are some unofficial clients that have been written by community members, but having official support from the company is important if I ever need customer support. Especially when it comes to a payment gateway, that sort of support commitment is important to me.

Some other things that @mahmoudimus and I discussed that may be relavent:

  • Stack independent. Don't build it assuming that the user is using express, jade, etc.

Current Official Version

Currently Available OSS Solutions


@josephwegner Some work being done by one of our customers

Maybe you can help contribute to it?


Hmm, the git repo is gone - seems that the author decided on Stripe instead of Balanced, and must have abandoned the project.

If nothing comes out officially from Balanced I will likely piggyback someone else's OSS solution, but ideally there would be something official. It's not an issue of me not being able to do it, it's that I want to be able to point the finger at someone when it doesn't work, and know that it's their job to fix it.


@josephwegner no he's actively integrating right now - he's on teh IRC channel


@josephwegner fair enough - we're going to officially maintain it if it gains enough traction.


@mahmoudimus Oh. I suppose I'll just put my foot right up in my mouth :)

I've updated the original ticket with a list of OSS solutions (just 2 right now).


@jkwade Nevermind, Github seems to be having some issues. Multiplied your comment by 4. I'll put in a bug report.


That gist works for my purposes, but I'd much prefer using an officially supported client as well!


@mahmoudimus I suggest adding the node client to the docs overview


Hi, what is the status of using Balanced with Node?


I too would like to know what is the recommended/balance-"backed" library. It doesn't make sense to continue development on three different libs. Thanks!


Hi everyone, quick update re: node.js client:

We are actively developing an official balanced-node client and wer'e building an example (and 1-click deployable heroku app using nodejs) here

Our chief node expert /cc @matthewfl


This is now done!

@mahmoudimus mahmoudimus closed this
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