Originally intended to be a controller for a RetroPie. A soft power controller that allows for Raspberry Pi proper shutdown. Intention is to turn this into a "hat." This is a work in progress. It works for me, kinda.
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For now, you can find more information at: https://hackaday.io/project/21625-raspberry-pi-soft-power-controller


  • Raspberry Pi running Jessie
  • 2 GPIO Pins on Raspberry Pi
  • AVR (Arduino Uno, Leonardo, etc) w/ 2 GPIO
  • Slide Switch (or Pushbutton)


  • Bald Engineer's RetroPie Controller


  • Currently the AVR code is designed for a SPST switch and not a push button. I'm working on a push button version, but that isn't what I needed in my project.
  • Please don't fab the PCBs as-is. There are design issues for them. I am open to collaboration on a "hat" version of these boards. I have some ideas. (Key, can we mount a barrel jack upside down??)