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Project for capturing vintage, classic, aka old computer schematics in KiCad.
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Bit Preserve

Recreating classic computer schematics. Let's convert all those random scanned PDFs into a modern, editiable, and re-usable format.

Right now this repo is just a demo. Most of the directories are empty. There are unfinished schematics for the Apple IIgs. The other directories are just suggestions for other computers to document.

How it works

tl;dr, Pick a system, find a schematic, and start drawing. The project has picked KiCad as the primary schematic capture tool. If there are variants of the schematic, give them their own directory.

More information

I am working on a longer description. For now, check out my slides from KiCon 2019.

You can also watch the entire talk on the Contextual Electronics channel:


  • Do not upload PDFs or images of schematics. It's okay to link back to a site hosting them (I guess). The only files to be hosted here are KiCad (aka editable) files.
  • Use KiCad
  • Don't be a dweeb

System Wishlist

  • Amiga
  • Amstrad
  • Apple
    • Apple II
    • Apple II+
    • Apple IIe
    • Apple IIc
    • Apple III
  • Commodore
    • PET
    • VIC 20
    • C64
    • C64C
    • C128
  • Sinclair
    • ZX 80
    • ZX 81
  • Spectrum ZX
  • Tandy / Radio Shack
    • TRS-80 Model I
    • TRS-80 Model II
    • TRS-80 Model III
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