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Sails.js Documentation

Sails.js Documentation (v0.11.x)

Guide and reference documentation for the 0.11.x release of Sails. Content for most sections on the Sails website ( is compiled from here. In some cases, the markdown files are split, relinked, converted to HTML, or formatted to fit within the skin of but most of the time, a .md file in this repo corresponds one-to-one with a client-side route on the website (e.g. /#/documentation/reference/Blueprints/Create.html).

Contributing to the docs

We welcome your help! Please send a pull request to master with corrections/additions and they'll be double-checked and merged as soon as possible.

Secondly, we are open to suggestions about the process we're using to manage our documentation, and to work with the community in general. Please post to the Google Group with your ideas- or if you're interested in helping directly, contact @ncrumrine, @loicsaintroch, or @mikermcneil on Twitter.

How often are these files compiled and pushed to the website?

Currently, these docs are pushed almost instantaneously to That will likely continue to happen for the forseeable future. In general, this repo should follow the same versioning strategy as Sails (using tags).

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