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Wondering how you can help? Here's what's next.

Sails Core

Streaming File Uploads/Downloads (v0.11.0)

Update: This is mostly finished, just needs some testers, It shouldn't go into core until Connect v3 is released. (tweet @mikermcneil for more info on that)

Connect's default support for file uploads via bodyParser is not suitable for production apps with large file uploads.


  • Built-in, friendly support for streaming file uploads using Waterline's adapters which implements the binary-stream interface
  • (i.e. you can't buffer 100GB uploads to disk)
  • Use formidable's onPart event to process file uploads
  • Everything else should be handled by formidable's built-in parser

See the adapters section below for information on targeted blob store adapters.

Logging (v0.?.0)

  • Pull out "CaptainsLog" (i.e. sails.log) as a separate module so it can be used by waterline (this is mostly done- it's really just a partially applied function around winston)

Sessions (v0.?.0)

  • Create generic connect session adapter to allow any sails/waterline CRUD adapter to be used as a session store. Requires changes to config.

Plugins (v0.?.0)

  • Document the plugin (hook) system.

CLI / Generators (v0.?.0)

  • Pull out CLI as a separate module so that it can develop in parallel- investigate yo integration for generators.
  • Figure out a good way to make the CLI tool stateful (store configured settings for sails new, sails generate, etc.)

Gruntfile (v0.?.0)

  • Pull out Gruntfile as a separate module so that it can develop in parallel- investigate integration with CLI so that the proper generators yo integration for generators
  • Provide public access to templates for async loading by default (it's totally possible to do this now, but let's make it easier)

Waterline (ORM)

[Associations] are coming along nicely.

  • Associations

    • v0.10.0
      • multiple associations to the same model (e.g. to, cc, bcc)
      • Pull NoSQL join behavior into core- allow it to be overriden in adapters as an optimization.
  • Aggregations/GROUP BY (~v0.11.0)

    • Support for most aggregations and the GROUP BY operator has existed since v0.9
    • Needs to be documented and more thoroughly tested.
    • Needs better usage errors.
  • Error Messages

    • ~v0.10.0
      • More meaningful messages on fatal, lift-time/schema errors
      • More meaningful messages on runtime errors, prevent server crashing (allows you to be a little less careful when you write your user code)
    • ~v0.11.0
      • Error codes which differentiate distinct types of errors.
      • Ensure all callbacks are optional.
      • Then they can be automatically classified as either a "badRequest" or "serverError" scenario in Sails
        • Invalid usage of Waterline methods at runtime should result in a server error.
  • Auto-migrations

    • v0.10.0
      • Docs on auto-migration strategies (alter, drop, safe)
      • Refuse to run drop and alter strategies when NODE_ENV="production".
    • ~v0.11.0
      • Make alter strategy work w/ associations-- probably should be pushed down to the adapter level in the alter method.
    • ~v0.12.0
      • Manual migration feature.
  • Transactions (~v0.12.0)

    • Transactions are currently supported by using the native/query API
    • However we want to make this easier to work with.
  • Everything is a Stream (~v0.13.0)

    • Internally, everything is a stream by default.
    • Datastores which support the semantic streaming interface (e.g. should replace the deferred object with a compatible stream, i.e.

      // Traditional usage still works:
      User.findByDepartment(315).exec(function gotTheUsers(err, users){
        if (err) return res.serverError(err);
      // But you can also access the stream


  • Semantic interfaces:

    • Redis (there are a couple of implementations of this that exist-- just needs to be finalized)
    • Riak (exists, needs to be updated)
    • ElasticSearch (exists, needs testers)
    • CouchDB (exists, needs testers)
    • REST (exists, needs testers)
  • One-way adapters:

    • Mandrill (Email)
      • This one is actually done, but it would be nice to include additional support for templates and analytics APIs
    • SMTP (Email)
    • Twillio (SMS)
    • UrbanAirship (Cross-platform mobile push notifications)
    • APNS (iOS push notifications)
    • GCM (Android push notifications)
    • WNS (Windows push notifications)
  • Streaming blob adapters:

    • Local filesystem/network mount (done-- this will be the default when file-parser is used in Sails core)
    • Amazon S3 (done-- uses knox)
    • Joyent Manta
    • Microsoft SkyDrive
    • Apple iCloud
    • Dropbox
    • Google Drive
    • OpenStack Swift
    • Amazon EBS
    • Azure Storage
    • Barracuda
  • Miscellaneous

    • Twitter (exists, needs testers)
    • Yelp (exists, needs testers)
    • JSDom (exists, needs testers)
    • IRC (exists, needs testers)
    • Heroku (exists, needs testers)
    • Git (exists, needs testers)
    • (exists, needs testers)
    • Facebook


  • Examples / articles / answering Google Group discussions / answering stack overflow questions
  • Better documentation for database support (matrix for Disk, MySQL, PostgreSQL, Mongo, and Redis)
  • Backbone works with Sails out of the box with Sails blueprints (no code required), but let's create a Backbone.sync override for taking advantage of comet messaging (based on the existing Backbone -> SDK)
  • Improve the Angular -> SDK
  • Create an example of a TemplateController which allows you to load your templates asynchronously from the client.
  • Sublime Text 2 snippets
  • Chrome Sniffer detector
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