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Like any good web framework, Sails aims to reduce both the amount of code you write and the time it takes to get a functional app up and running. Blueprints are Sails’s way of quickly generating API routes and actions based on your application design.

Together, blueprint routes and blueprint actions constitute the blueprint API, the built-in logic that powers the RESTful JSON API you get every time you create a model and controller.

For example, if you create a User.js model file in your project, then with blueprints enabled you will be able to immediately visit /user/create?name=joe to create a user, and visit /user to see an array of your app's users. All without writing a single line of code!

Blueprints are a powerful tool for prototyping, but in many cases can be used in production as well, since they can be overridden, protected, extended or disabled entirely.

Up next

  • Read more about built-in blueprint actions
  • Read more about implicit "shadow" routes and how to configure or override them