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Add docs for jsonp and pluralize controllers config options.

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@@ -13,3 +13,7 @@ These CRUD shortcuts exist for your convenience during development, but you'll w
Automatic REST blueprints enabled? e.g. `'get /:controller/:id?'` `'post /:controller'` `'put /:controller/:id'` `'delete /:controller/:id'`
####`expectIntegerId` (boolean)
If a blueprint route catches a request, only match :id param if it's an integer. e.g. only trigger route handler if requests look like: `get /user/8` instead of: `get /user/a8j4g9jsd9ga4ghjasdha`. You’ll usually want to change this to `false` when using a database that uses strings for unique IDs, such as Mongo.
+####`jsonp` (boolean)
+Optionally wrap blueprint JSON responses in a JSONP callback using `res.jsonp()` from Express 3. (default: `false`)
+####`pluralize` (boolean)
+Optionally use plural controller names in blueprint routes, e.g. `/users` for `api/controllers/UserController.js`. (default: `false`)
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