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Sails Roadmap

As of November 2017, the Sails project roadmap is now managed on Trello to allow for simpler feedback and collaboration.

The "Bugs/Priority" and "Frontlog" columns on Trello consist of relatively hashed-out proposals for useful features or patches which would be excellent places to contribute code to the Sails framework. We would exuberantly accept a pull request implementing any of the Trello cards in these columns, so long as that pull request was accompanied with reasonable tests that prove it, all code changes adhere to the style guide laid out in the .eslintrc file, and it doesn't cause breaking changes to any other core functionality.

Community proposals can still be made as pull requests against this file-- but instead of managing status updates here, once approved, they are now managed on the Trello board. See "Pending Proposals" below for more on that.

What's up with Sails v1.0?

For the latest news on Sails v1.0 and beyond, and to check out specific changes and new features, see (Please feel free to contribute by leaving comments on cards! It helps the core team to verify that the new release is working as expected.)

You can find more information about installing v1.0 here:

Pending Proposals

The table below consists of pending proposals for useful features which are not currently in the official roadmap on Trello. To submit a proposal, send a pull request adding a row to this column. Please see the Sails contribution guide to get started.

  • If you would like to see a new feature or an enhancement to an existing feature in Sails, please review the Sails contribution guide. When you are ready, submit a pull request adding a new row to the bottom of this table.
  • Check the official Sails roadmap on Trello to make sure there isn't already something similar feature already planned, in discussion, or under active development.
  • In your pull request, please include a detailed proposal with a short summary of your use case, the reason why you cannot implement the feature as a hook, adapter, or generator, and a well-reasoned explanation of how you think that feature could be implemented. Your proposal should include changes or additions to usage, expected return values, and any errors or exit conditions.
  • Once your pull request has been created, add an additional commit which links to it from your new row in the table below.
  • If there is sufficient interest in the proposal from other contributors, a core team member will close your PR and add a new card for the proposal to the appropriate column on Trello.
Feature Proposal Summary
Allow select/omit clauses when populating a singular association Don't throw an error if these clauses are included in a populate for a singular association (but still error if actual "where" criteria are used)
Generate test/ folder in new Sails apps #2499 Generate a generic setup for mocha tests in all new Sails apps. Originally suggested by @jedd-ahyoung.
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