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# Sails Changelog
-### Master
-> _See and for some of the latest developments._
+### 1.0.0
+Sails v1.0 comes with a host of new features and improvements as well as some breaking changes to previous versions. Please see the [migration guide]( if you're upgrading from a previous version of Sails!
+* [ENHANCEMENT] Introduce Actions 2 -- ability to declare actions as [Machines]( in individual files. See the [Actions and controllers]( and [Action target syntax]( docs for more info.
+* [ENHANCEMENT] Introduce Helpers -- the successor to services. See the [Helpers]( docs for more info.
+* [BUGFIX] Improve path resolution in moduleloader for Windows [f13bb77](
+* [BUGFIX] Fix output for virtual requests that have non 2xx/3xx status codes and no body [525c7c5](
+* [REMOVAL] Remove support for (undocumented) "action/model" route syntax for binding routes to blueprint actions
+* [BUGFIX] Fix issue causing Sails to sometimes crash when using Redis sessions if it receives a request after the Redis server has unexpectedly disconnected [3f29dce](
+* [ENHANCEMENT] Add `sails.getActions()` method to return a dictionary of registered Sails actions [5598179](
+* [ENHANCEMENT] Add `sails.registerAction()` method to programmatically register a Sails action [dd9af88](
+* [ENHANCEMENT] Add `exposeLocalsToBrowser` local in all views
+* [ENHANCEMENT] Add `sails.registerActionMiddleware()` to programmatically register middleware to be applied to one or more actions [2c281d5](
+* [ENHANCEMENT] Allow explicitly defined actions in Sails config via `sails.config.controllers.moduleDefinitions` [3b264fa](, [4ad23dd](
+* [BUGFIX] Default `req.options.populate` to the value of `sails.config.blueprints.populate [d8f4df8](
+* [ENHANCEMENT] Add `sails.reloadActions()` method to reload actions from disk / config while an app is running [df2ee46](
+* [ENHANCEMENT] Allow loaded modules (actions, controllers, policies, models, etc.) to have _any_ file extension besides `.md` and `.txt` (which are ignored). Direct support for anything besides plain Javascript has been removed; variants like CoffeeScript and TypeScript can be used by registering them in the `app.js` file. See the [Using CoffeeScript tutorial]( for an example.
+* [REMOVAL] Remove support for custom blueprints. These can easily be replaced by regular actions. See the [migration guide]( for more info. [0fd4362](
+* [REMOVAL] Remove support for blueprint route target syntax [0fd4362](
+* [REMOVAL] Remove deprecated `dontFlattenConfig` option [56c9b5b](
+* [ENHANCEMENT] Humanize config vars that are loaded from the environment [7eb6af6](
+* [REMOVAL] Remove most Resourceful PubSub methods, leaving just `.subscribe()`, `.unsubscribe()` and `.publish()`. [c981c6e](
+* [ENHANCEMENT] Expose Sails generator for programmatic use [e008a6b](
+* [UPGRADE] Upgrade to Express 4.14.0. Thanks to [josebaseba]( for his help in the transition to Express 4!
+* [ENHANCEMENT] Improved CORS support. See the [migration guide]( and [CORS docs]( for more info.
+* [REMOVAL] Removed `req.validate()` functionality. Use Actions 2 instead, which automatically validate parameters. [68fa8ff](
+* [ENHANCEMENT] Updated syntax for policies. See the [migration guide]( and the [policies documentation]( for more details. [66d2b2d](
+* [ENHANCEMENT] Automatically sort routes to avoid wildcards swallowing static routes. See the [sort-route-addresses]( module for more info on route sorting.
+* [ENHANCEMENT] Combine CORS and CSRF hooks into new "Security" hook. See the [migration guide]( for more details.
+* [ENHANCEMENT] Update CSRF configuration and replace `/csrfToken` route with an action that can be bound to any route. See the [migration guide]( and [CSRF docs]( for more info. [7328c05](
+* [REMOVAL] `res.created()` will no longer be included by default. [7988866](
+* [BUGFIX] Ignore default installed hooks when searching `node_modules` for hooks. [#3855](
+* [SECURITY] Don't serve CSRF token via websockets [50b0684](
+* [INTERNAL] Bring EJS layout code into Sails rather than relying on the unmaintained `ejs-locals` package [d3ba9bd](
+* [REMOVAL] Remove handlebars dependency and support for layouts in view engines other than EJS. See the [migration guide]( for more details. [ae7e656](, [9f1f2fb](
+* [ENHANCEMENT] Don't set NODE_ENV based on Sails environment, except in special circumstances. See the [migration guide]( for more details. [cf20d07](, [abbf1f7](
+* [ENHANCEMENT] Make session hook `routesDisabled` use Sails route address syntax (including regular expression syntax) [aba8f2f](
+* [BUGFIX] Supply `res.locals._csrf` to _all_ routes when CSRF protection is enabled. Fixes [#3865](
+* [REMOVAL] Remove Consolidate dependency -- view template engines are now configurable via the `sails.config.views.getRenderFn` setting. See the [migration guide]( for more details. [6316452](
+* [REMOVAL] Remove deprecated RPS "firehose" [86b88](
+* [REMOVAL] Remove deprecated 0.9.x socket support [6464d8f](
+* [BUGFIX] Update and standardize precedence of route param, query and body in `req.param()` and `req.allParams()` [820d1eb](
+* [REMOVAL] Remove JSONP support from blueprints. CORS is fairly ubiquitous now. [effd6c3](
+* [REMOVAL] Remove deprecated `sails.getBaseUrl` method. [d0fe4ff](
+* [INTERNAL] Remove `sails-util` [1fee468](
+* [INTERNAL] Remove grunt, sockets and ORM hooks [48750d7](, [07c59ce](
+* [REMOVAL] Remove deprecated `req.params.all()` method [9c6b217](
+* [BUGFIX] Correctly load custom adapters (stored in either `FooAdapter.js` files or in subfolders) [#3884](
+* [INTERNAL] Add benchmarks [6b4ba32](
+* [ENHANCEMENT] Requests for assets will skip running session middleware by default [3c5ddf7](
+* [ENHANCEMENT] Support `routesDisabled` for sessions in virtual requests [a00cf78](
+* [INTERNAL] Standardize log level for warnings to always use "debug" except for warning related to security.
+* [ENHANCEMENT] Add 404, 500 and `startRequestTimer` to middleware order automatically (and remove them from default sails.config.http.middleware.order) [a22e4e7](, [f788e39](
+* [REMOVAL] Remove the `handleBodyParserError` middleware from the stack, use the `onBodyParserError` option in Skipper instead. [f788e39](
+* [BUGFIX] Take locale into account in views.render() [#3833](
+* [ENHANCEMENT] Allow session adapter to be required directly [039d245](
+* [REMOVAL] Remove support for Express 3 session adapters [628a55b](
+* [INTERNAL] Switch from i18n to i18n-2. See the [migration guide]( for more details. [4a90de2](
+* [BUGFIX] Fail to lift Sails if `connect-redis` can't initialize. [#3590](
+* [REMOVAL] Remove `method-override` from default middleware list. [575c4a3](
+* [BUGFIX] Use _.clone() instead of _.cloneDeep() for config overrides, to preserve things like Redis clients passed into config. [1b970b6](
+* [ENHANCEMENT] Update `sails.config.globals` functionality. See the [migration guide]( for more details. [44c6d9b](
+* [ENHANCEMENT] Add `sails.config.session.onDisconnect` and `sails.config.session.onReconnect` functions [1e55c63](
+* [ENHANCEMENT] Add `sails.config.sockets.adapterOptions.onDisconnect` and `sails.config.sockets.adapterOptions.onReconnect` functions [3a25971](
+* [DEPRECATION] Deprecate `.jsonx()` [cdcc3c0](
+* [INTERNAL] Update default responses [510504e](
+* [REMOVAL] Remove update-via-POST blueprint route [5c3814d](
+* [INTERNAL] Disconnect Redis session client when Sails is lowering [80fb71b](
+* [UPGRADE] Upgrade EJS dependency to v2.5.3 [6bfad70](
+* [REMOVAL] Removed deprecated `connect-flash` middleware [c5c4900](
+* [REMOVAL] Removed 16 unused dependencies (see full list [here](
### 0.12.11
@@ -57,11 +57,10 @@ This section is an early list of some of the features, enhancements, and other i
+ **Automigrations**
+ Will be moved out of Waterline and into sails-hook-orm.
+ Usage is unlikely to change.
-+ **Default `res.ok()` response will no longer accept arguments.**
- + See
-+ **Default blueprint actions will no longer use `res.ok()` or serve matching views.**
- + Instead of `res.ok()`, blueprints will use `res.json()` directly.
- + (Or possibly one or more new custom responses, if time allows. If you're interested in seeing that implemented, please [send a proposal](
++ ~~ **Default `res.ok()` response will no longer accept arguments.** ~~
+ + (Modified this slightly -- default `res.ok()` can still accept a single data argument, but will no longer attempt to serve a view. It will _always_ call `res.json()` with the data.)
++ ~~ **Default blueprint actions will no longer use `res.ok()` or serve matching views.** ~~
+ + (Due to the modification of `res.ok()` described above, it's okay for blueprints to continue using it.)
<a name="built-in-xss-prevention-expose-locals-to-browser-view-helper"></a>
+ ✓ ~~**Built-in XSS Prevention (`exposeLocalsToBrowser()` view helper)**~~
+ ~~See

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