API integration tests for Waterline adapters
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Waterline Adapter Tests

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A set of integration tests that can be included in your Waterline Adapter module and used to test your adapter against the current Waterline API.

Adapter Interface Specification


Write a test runner

i.e. runner.js

 * Test runner dependencies
var mocha = require('mocha');
var TestRunner = require('waterline-adapter-tests');

 * Integration Test Runner
 * Uses the `waterline-adapter-tests` module to
 * run mocha tests against the specified interfaces
 * of the currently-implemented Waterline adapter API.
new TestRunner({

	// Load the adapter module.
	adapter: require('./relative/path/to/your/adapter'),

	// Default adapter config to use.
	config: {
		schema: false

	// The set of adapter interfaces to test against.
	interfaces: ['semantic', 'queryable']

Run the tests

$ node runner.js

MIT License