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# ----------------------------------------------------------------------
# Customise this file for your system.
# As Scion depends on features or bugfixes of GHC's HEAD branch, by
# default we assume that we use an inplace GHC.
UseInplaceGhc = NO
# ----------------------------------------------------------------------
ifeq "$(UseInplaceGhc)" "YES"
GHC_PATH = /absolute/path/to/ghc
HC = $(GHC_PATH)/inplace/bin/ghc-stage2
PKG = $(GHC_PATH)/inplace/bin/ghc-pkg
HADDOCK = $(GHC_PATH)/inplace/bin/haddock
HC = ghc
PKG = ghc-pkg
HADDOCK = haddock
# If you want to put the files generated by the build somewhere
# outside of the source directory uncomment and customise the
# following line
# DIST = $(HOME)/tmp/dist-cabal/scion/
# path to 'cabal' program from the 'cabal-install' package.
# CABAL = cabal
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