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More doc on some long neglected helpers.

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@@ -320,6 +320,16 @@ reasons.
field's value. It is useful both for read-only fields in forms, and as the
primary helper in lists.
+* +calculated_text+ requires a block to which it will yield the model
+ instance; the block's product will be treated like a string and
+ HTML-escaped.
+* +static_html+ is like +static_text+, but the final product will not be
+ HTML-escaped.
+* +calculated_html+ is like +calculated_text+, but the final product will not
+ be HTML-escaped.
* +auto_field+, as discussed above, will automatically select a suitable field
helper, based on the column and association metadata. Where there are
multiple suitable candidates, it tries to go for the more
@@ -361,11 +371,22 @@ reasons.
resources' definitios or add a specific route for the new
+* +hyperlink+ automatically generates a link to the "edit view" of its first
+ argument (which must be one of the primary objects); alternatively you can
+ use the :url option to generate a custom link:
+ f.hyperlink :picture, :url => f.object.picture.url
+ Anyway, the link caption will be the URL itself, unless you use the option
+ :link_text as follow:
+ f.hyperlink :picture, :url => f.object.picture.url,
+ :link_text => 'The picture'
* None of the following actually work, but they're defined, waiting for me to
come back and write them. +html_area+ will eventually use FCKeditor by
default, and presumably the file/image fields will delegate to file_column:
- +html_area+, +hyperlink+, +file_field+, +image_field+, +static_file+,
- +static_html+.
+ +html_area+, +file_field+, +image_field+, +static_file+.
== How does it work? - Part II, Themes

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