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Hackathons and hack culture
2015-11-04 11:03:04

In this episode we worry about digital publishing not moving forward to the future:

  • How do we get ebooks and the like moving forward without wholesale destruction?
  • We also respond to that Hackathon article. No, not that one. No, not that one either. This one.
  • When do hackathons work?
  • This is the episode where we sing the praises of React. No, not that react. The other one.
  • Singing the praises of Claire Reddington.
  • Don't devalue work and don't overvalue work.
  • We talk about how big publishing's value proposition has been called into question.
  • On authors as the actual providers of value.
  • Singing the praises of Canelo.

May contain swearing.