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Version v0.23 - Bugfix release

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@baldurk baldurk released this 03 Mar 13:43

Version v0.23 - Bugfix release

Long story short: use v0.23 instead of v0.22, it is almost the same but with a very important bugfix included.
Builds are available in the usual place, both stable and beta updates.

Shortly after v0.22 was released I received a serious bug report that unfortunately hadn't been caught by my testing. It affects any D3D11 application that uses MSAA and can easily cause driver crashes when capturing, so the only realistic option is to make this new release with the bugfix included.

This release is almost identical to v0.22 so for new features & improvements I refer to those release notes. This release is primarily to include the fix for the above crash bug, and a few other fixes for bugs that were either recently reported over the weekend, or were found while verifying that v0.23 is more solid.