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Baleen Migrations
Baleen Migrations is a project that seeks to abstract the domain of performing migrations of any kind into a single
independent package. Its goal is to excel at one single task: provide an intuitive, well-tested framework to migrate
"something" from point A to point B (or vice-versa if going down).
In other words, we take care of WHICH migrations are run and the mechanism to run them. Everything else is the
responsibility of the implementation:
* WHAT is going to be migrated? It could be a database, images, documents, etc.
* HOW its going to be migrated? You can wrap each migration into DB transactions. Or not, its up to you.
* What to do when a migration fails? We'll let you know WHEN it happens, but its up to you to decide what to do
(e.g. cancel the transaction / re-throw the exception, etc).
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