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@@ -16,7 +16,7 @@ production-critical environments. Refer to the [LICENSE](
for more information.

Baleen Migrations is a project that seeks to abstract the domain logic of performing migrations of any kind into a
single package. Its simple goal is to excel at one single task: provide an intuitive, well-tested framework to migrate
from point A to point B (or vice-versa if going down).
@@ -29,6 +29,14 @@ implementation:
* What to do when a migration fails? We'll let you know WHEN it happens, but its up to you to the implementation to
decide what to do (e.g. cancel the transaction).

Baleen CLI: Our Command-Line Tool
Are you looking for a framework-agnostic migration tool that can be used right out of the box? Then you're almost at the right place: go visit [baleen/cli]( and get started immediately after requiring it into your project.

Once you're there you'll see that its much more than just a migrations tool: its also a migrations *framework* that you can use to build a customized migration experience for your projects and their unique use-cases.

If you're interested in creating another tool around the core domain then you're invited to read on.

Installation (Composer)
Installation with Composer is simple:
@@ -41,7 +49,13 @@ For more documentation please refer to the [online documentation](http://baleen.

See [](

* We're still working on making some changes to this core domain. See branch `ddd-changes` for the latest progress. Code reviews / constructive critiques are more than welcome, and so are of course PRs!
* Once we're happy with the core API we'll release `v1.0`.
* With a stable core we'll shift our focus to `baleen/cli` and its future specializations (i.e. Doctrine Migrations, etc).


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