device to bridging the wifi network to ethernet
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⚠ This project only works on devices running resinOS 1.x, that release uses connman for network connectivity. ⚠

A simple setup to bridge wlan0 to eth0, and thus share the device's wifi connection with the devices plugged into it over Ethernet.

This code has been tested with Raspberry Pi 3.

The setup is based on Bridging Network Connections with Proxy ARP from the Debian Wiki.

To use this code:

  • (If you haven't yet, sign up to, and follow the getting started guide to set up your access)
  • Clone this repository to your computer
  • Create a new application in the dashboard
  • Push this repository to that application
  • Provision a new device with this application, set to connect over wifi (download the host OS and boot it up)
  • Connect another the device you'd like to connect to the network to this first one over Ethernet