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Demonstration scripts on how to use the API & SDK to set device tags from within your app.
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Using the balena API & SDK to set device tags from within apps.

This is a simple project based on the balena simple-server-node repository that demonstrates how to set device tags from within your application.

This project serves up "Hello World!" on port :80 of your balena device and additionally:

  • sets the stats.laststart tag with the current timestamp when the application starts.
    • This is done using CURL in the application's
  • sets the stats.lastrequest tag with the current timestamp whenever the node server responds to an HTTP request.
    • This is done using the javascript balena-SDK in the application's server.js.


Check out the instructions in the balena simple-server-node repository to get started.


The scripts use the RESIN_API_KEY environment variable, which is injected to the environment of all balena applications, to authenticate all requests.

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