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A minimal Electron app on Raspberry Pi
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Update: This project is no longer maintained - instead use resin-electronjs

Our friends at have their own boilerplate that is actively maintained and used in production.


This fork of the electron-quick-start app was made to jumpstart any electron app development on the rasperrypi (or any supported device that has screen output). allows you to easily deploy and manage your application across a fleet of devices making it a great fit for distributed electron app. You can read more about how works here

To Use

Follow this getting started guide to get your device connected to

Then clone this repository

git clone && cd electron-rpi-quick-start

Add your applications remote endpoint

git remote add resin <username><username>/<app-name>.git

Make sure your device has a screen attached. If you are using the Raspberry Pi 7” Touchscreen Display, follow the instructions here.

Finally, push your application to your device.

git push resin master

You can learn more about each of these components within the Quick Start Guide.

Learn more about Electron and its API in the documentation.

License MIT

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