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Sample balena push/deploy with Google Container Registry (GCR) private images
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Sample registry secrets usage for private base images hosted with the Google Container Registry service.

  • Replace the contents of the password field in the sample_secrets.yml file with the contents of your own keyfile.json file. Note the escaping of line breaks in the sample file. (By the way, the "private key id" and "private key" fields have been modified in that file: they are not real values, just placeholder values.)

  • The '' value must match between the Dockerfile "FROM" line and the key entry in the sample_secrets.yml file.

With those in place, some sample balena CLI commands are:

git clone

cd sample-gcr-registry-secrets

DEBUG=1 balena push test-project --registry-secrets sample_secrets.yml

DEBUG=1 balena deploy test-project --build --logs --registry-secrets sample_secrets.yml

DEBUG=1 balena build --deviceType raspberrypi3 --arch armv7hf --logs --registry-secrets sample_secrets.yml


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