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The official balena CLI tool.
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balena CLI

The official balena CLI tool.

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The balena CLI (Command-Line Interface) allows you to interact with the balenaCloud and the balena API through a terminal window on Linux, macOS or Windows. You can also write shell scripts around it, or import its Node.js modules to use it programmatically. As an open-source project on GitHub, your contribution is also welcome!


Check the balena CLI installation instructions on GitHub.

Getting Started

Choosing a shell (command prompt/terminal)

On Windows, the standard Command Prompt (cmd.exe) and PowerShell are supported. We are aware of users also having a good experience with alternative shells, including:

On macOS and Linux, the standard terminal window is supported. Optionally, bash command auto completion may be enabled by copying the balena-completion.bash file to your system's bash_completion directory: check Docker's command completion guide for system setup instructions.

Logging in

Several CLI commands require access to your balenaCloud account, for example in order to push a new release to your application. Those commands require creating a CLI login session by running:

$ balena login

Proxy support

HTTP(S) proxies can be configured through any of the following methods, in order of preference:

  • Set the BALENARC_PROXY environment variable in URL format (with protocol, host, port, and optionally basic auth).
  • Alternatively, use the balena config file (project-specific or user-level) and set the proxy setting. It can be:
  • Alternatively, set the conventional https_proxy / HTTPS_PROXY / http_proxy / HTTP_PROXY environment variable (in the same standard URL format).

To get a proxy to work with the balena ssh command, check the installation instructions.

Command reference documentation

The full CLI command reference is available on the web or by running balena help and balena help --verbose.

Support, FAQ and troubleshooting

If you come across any problems or would like to get in touch:

Contributing (including editing documentation files)

Please have a look at the file for some guidance before submitting a pull request or updating documentation (because some files are automatically generated). Thank you for your help and interest!


The project is licensed under the Apache 2.0 License. A copy is also available in the LICENSE file in this repository.

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