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Change Log

All notable changes to this project will be documented in this file. This project adheres to Semantic Versioning.



  • Don't add --no-sandbox when ELECTRON_RUN_AS_NODE true [Alexis Svinartchouk]



  • Add version in settings modal [Lorenzo Alberto Maria Ambrosi]



  • Fix elevation on macos in development [Alexis Svinartchouk]



  • Update spectron to ^8 [Alexis Svinartchouk]
  • Update dependencies, get node-usb from npm [Alexis Svinartchouk]
  • Update nan to ^2.14 [Alexis Svinartchouk]
  • Use the same entrypoint for etcher and the child writer [Alexis Svinartchouk]
  • Require angular-mocks only when needed [Alexis Svinartchouk]
  • Remove no longer needed pkg dev dependency [Alexis Svinartchouk]
  • Update mocha, remove nock [Alexis Svinartchouk]
  • Remove no longer needed xml2js [Alexis Svinartchouk]
  • Remove node-pre-gyp patch that is no longer needed with electron 6 [Alexis Svinartchouk]
  • Update electron-mocha to ^8.1.2, remove acorn [Alexis Svinartchouk]
  • Update electron to 6.0.10 [Alexis Svinartchouk]



  • Convert settings modal to typescript [Lorenzo Alberto Maria Ambrosi]
  • Refactor settings page into modal [Lorenzo Alberto Maria Ambrosi]



  • Use bash instead of sh for running the elevated process on Linux and Mac [Alexis Svinartchouk]



  • Introduce an FAQ file [Dimitrios Lytras]



  • Update drivelist to 8.0.9 [Alexis Svinartchouk]



  • Notarize app on macOS [Lorenzo Alberto Maria Ambrosi]



  • Upgrade ext2fs to 1.0.30 [Matthew McGinn]



  • Catch console log messages from SafeWebView [Roman Mazur]



  • Remove leftover GH-pages configuration file [Dimitrios Lytras]



  • Fix entrypoint when options are passed to electron [Alexis Svinartchouk]



  • Fix windows portable download [Lorenzo Alberto Maria Ambrosi]



  • Update etcher-sdk to ^2.0.13 [Alexis Svinartchouk]



  • Fix auto-updater check for updates [Lorenzo Alberto Maria Ambrosi]



  • Allow typescript files [Lorenzo Alberto Maria Ambrosi]



  • Don't use wmic's ProviderName if it's empty [Alexis Svinartchouk]



  • Update sudo-prompt to ^9.0.0 [Alexis Svinartchouk]



  • Option for trimming ext partitions on raw images [Alexis Svinartchouk]



  • Make window size configurable [Alexis Svinartchouk]



  • Don't use sudo-prompt when already elevated [Alexis Svinartchouk]



  • Rework drive-selector with react + rendition [Lorenzo Alberto Maria Ambrosi]
  • Use rendition theme property for step buttons [Lorenzo Alberto Maria Ambrosi]
  • Upgrade styled-system to v4.1.0 [Lorenzo Alberto Maria Ambrosi]
  • Upgrade rendition to v8.7.2 [Lorenzo Alberto Maria Ambrosi]



  • Update ext2fs to 1.0.29 [Alexis Svinartchouk]



  • Empty commit to trigger build [Alexis Svinartchouk]



  • Fix elevation on windows when the path contains "&" or "'" [Alexis Svinartchouk]



  • Revert "Include sass in webpack configs" [Lorenzo Alberto Maria Ambrosi]



  • Include sass in webpack configs [Lorenzo Alberto Maria Ambrosi]



  • removal and adding a link to the license [Mateusz Hajder]



  • windows installer and portable version support both ia32 and x64 [Alexis Svinartchouk]



  • Add clean-shrinkwrap script to postshrinkwrap step [Lorenzo Alberto Maria Ambrosi]



  • Add mention to usbboot compatibility [Carlo Maria Curinga]



  • Bump react dependency to v16.8.5 [Lorenzo Alberto Maria Ambrosi]



  • Update etcher-sdk to ^2.0.9 [Alexis Svinartchouk]



  • Downgrade electron 4.1.5 -> 3.1.9 [Alexis Svinartchouk]



  • Use https url for fetching config, avoid redirection [Alexis Svinartchouk]
  • win32: fix running diskpart when the tmp file path contains spaces [Alexis Svinartchouk]



  • Fix gzipped files verification percentage and dmg verification. [Alexis Svinartchouk]



  • Export NPM_VERSION variable in Makefile [Lorenzo Alberto Maria Ambrosi]



  • Update etcher-sdk to ^2.0.3 [Alexis Svinartchouk]
  • Update electron to 4.1.5 [Alexis Svinartchouk]



  • Don't show a dialog when the write fails. [Alexis Svinartchouk]



  • Add support for auto-updating feature [Giovanni Garufi]



  • Update electron-builder to ^20.40.2 [Alexis Svinartchouk]
  • Update etcher-sdk to ^2.0.1 [Alexis Svinartchouk]



  • (Windows): Fix reading images from network drives when the tmp dir has spaces [Alexis Svinartchouk]



  • (Windows): Fix reading images from network drives containing non ascii characters [Alexis Svinartchouk]



  • New parameter in webview for opt-out analytics [Lorenzo Alberto Maria Ambrosi]



  • Update resin-corvus to ^2.0.3 [Alexis Svinartchouk]



  • Configure versionbot to publish repo metadata to github pages [Giovanni Garufi]



  • (Windows): Use full path to wmic as some systems don't have it in their PATH [Alexis Svinartchouk]



  • Fix error when was undefined [Alexis Svinartchouk]



  • Don't try to flash when no device is selected [Alexis Svinartchouk]
  • Reformat changelog [Giovanni Garufi]
  • Avoid "Error: There is already a flash in progress" errors [Alexis Svinartchouk]



  • Update resin-corvus to ^2.0.2 [Alexis Svinartchouk]
  • Better reporting of unhandled rejections to sentry [Alexis Svinartchouk]



  • Update build scripts [Giovanni Garufi]

v1.5.17 - 2019-03-25


  • Automatically publish github release from CI

v1.5.16 - 2019-03-25


  • Add repo.yml

v1.5.15 - 2019-03-20


  • Show the correct logo on usbboot devices on Ubuntu

v1.5.14 - 2019-03-20


  • Update etcher-sdk to ^1.3.10

v1.5.13 - 2019-03-18


  • Update build scripts

v1.5.12 - 2019-03-15


  • Update build scripts

v1.5.11 - 2019-03-12


  • Fixed broken Hombrew cask link for etcher
  • Remove no longer used travis and appveyor configs

v1.5.10 - 2019-03-12


  • Update resin-scripts

v1.5.9 - 2019-03-05


  • Update etcher-sdk to 1.3.0

v1.5.8 - 2019-03-01


  • Update ext2fs to 1.0.27

v1.5.7 - 2019-03-01


  • Update docs
  • Fix disappearing modal window


  • Fix blurred background image

v1.5.6 - 2019-02-28


  • Target electron 3 runtime in babel options

v1.5.5 - 2019-02-28


  • Don't pass undefined sockets to ipc.server.emit()
  • Fix error when event.dataTransfer.files is empty
  • Fix error message not showing when an unsupported image is selected
  • Avoid Invalid percentage exceptions
  • Update etcher-sdk to 1.1.0

v1.5.4 - 2019-02-27


  • Add missing step for submodule cloning in README

v1.5.3 - 2019-02-27


  • Throw error if no commit is annotated with a changelog entry

v1.5.2 - 2019-02-26

  • Enable versionist editVersion

v1.5.1 - 2019-02-22


  • Removed lodash dependency in versionist.conf.js

v1.5.0 - 2019-02-16


  • Reworked flashing logic with etcher-sdk
  • Add support for flashing Raspberry Pi CM3+
  • Upgrade to Electron v3.
  • Upgrade to NPM 6.7.0
  • Fix incorrect drives list on Linux
  • Changed “Drive Contains Image” to “Drive Mountpoint Contains Image”
  • Removed etcher-cli

v1.4.9 - 2018-12-19


  • Fix update notifier error popping up on v1.4.1->1.4.8


  • Added React component for the Flash Results button
  • Added React component for the Flash Another button
  • Restyle success screen and enlarge UI elements
  • Use https for fetching sub modules
  • Add .wic image extension as supported format

v1.4.8 - 2018-11-23


  • Added featured-project while flashing


  • Moved back the write cancel button
  • Reject drives with null size (fixes pretty-bytes error)

v1.4.7 - 2018-11-12


  • Fix typo in contributing guidelines
  • Modify versionist.conf.js to match new internal commit guidelines


  • Rename etcher to balena-etcher
  • Convert Select Image button to Rendition

v1.4.6 - 2018-10-28


  • Provide a Buffer to xxhash.Stream
  • Fix 64 bit detection on arm
  • Fix incorrect file constraint path
  • Fix flash cancel button interaction


  • Add new logos
  • Use Resin CI scripts to build Etcher
  • Enable React lint rules
  • Convert Progress Button to Rendition

v1.4.5 - 2018-10-11


  • Center content independent to window resolution.
  • Add electron-native file-picker component.
  • Hide unsafe mode option toggle with an env var.
  • Use new design background color and drive step size ordering.
  • Add a convenience Storage class on top of localStorage.
  • Introduce env var to toggle autoselection of all drives.
  • Add font-awesome.
  • Add support for configuration files
  • Use GTK-3 darkTheme mode.
  • Add environment variable to toggle fullscreen.
  • Allow blacklisting of drives through and environment variable ETCHER_BLACKLISTED_DRIVES.
  • Show selected drives below drive selection step.
  • Add a button to cancel the flash process.
  • Download usbboot drivers installer when clicking a driverless usbboot device on Windows.
  • Allow disabling links and hiding help link with an env var.


  • Add "make webpack" to travis-ci build script
  • Makefile: Don't use tilde in rpm versions
  • Change Spectron port so not to overlap with other builds
  • Fix multi-writes analytics by reusing existing logic in multi-write events.
  • Load usbboot adapter on start on GNU/Linux if running as root.


  • Update drivelist to v6.4.2
  • Add instructions for installing and uninstalling on Solus.

v1.4.4 - 2018-04-24


  • Don't display status dots with a quantity of zero on success screen
  • Correct wording of flash status to use "successful" instead of "succeeded"
  • Keep single drive-image pairs with warnings selected


  • Improve notification messages

v1.4.3 - 2018-04-19


  • Fix blob handling for usbboot

v1.4.2 - 2018-04-18


  • Make the progress button blue on verification
  • Display succeeded and failed devices on finish screen


  • Exclude RAID devices from drive selection list
  • Display untitled device when device lacks description
  • Prefix multiple devices label with quantity
  • Fix handling of errors over IPC
  • Fix usbboot blob loading
  • Revert using native binding to clean disks on Windows

v1.4.1 - 2018-04-10


  • Exclude package.json from UI bundle

v1.4.0 - 2018-04-05


  • Move the drive selector warning dialog to the flash step
  • Display image size for comparison if drive is too small
  • Implement writing to multiple destinations simultaneously
  • Add colorised multi-writes progress status dots
  • Move CLI write preparation logic into SDK
  • Make the drive-selector button orange on warnings
  • Warn the user on selection of large drives
  • Consolidate low-level components into Etcher SDK
  • Use native code to clean drives on Windows
  • Increase UV_THREADPOOL_SIZE to allocate 4 threads per CPU
  • Add icon next to drive size when compatibility warnings exist
  • Display number of active devices while flashing in CLI
  • Replace CRC32 checksums with SHA512
  • Enable usbboot on Linux if run as root


  • Improve spacing to the drive-selector warning/error labels
  • Line wrap selector size subtitles wholly
  • Hide the size label given multiple devices
  • Use correct usbboot blob path in AppImages
  • Fix EINVAL error on Linux
  • Fix enabling debug output
  • Fix DevTools opening in docked mode
  • Fix menu's application name
  • Fix "Array buffer allocation failed" when flashing some .dmg images
  • Log the banner load event to analytics
  • Warn on usbboot load error in the console on Linux
  • Ensure image/drive size is displayed on new line
  • Don't force-inherit process environment on Windows


  • Replace Helvetica as the main font with Roboto
  • Update Electron to v1.7.13
  • Add spacing to the drive warning icon
  • Use multi-drive methods with drive-list warning button
  • Remove unused & deprecated robot protocol
  • Update copyright years
  • Update instructions in ISSUE_TEMPLATE
  • Use Concourse CI for automated release builds
  • Only publish production packages to Bintray (remove devel)
  • Replace Gitter with Forums for support
  • Add support for arm64 / armv8 / aarch64 in build scripts
  • Add descriptive name to modal popup windows

v1.3.1 - 2018-01-23


  • Fix "stdout maxBuffer" error on Linux
  • Fix Etcher not working / crashing on older Windows systems
  • Fix not all partitions being unmounted after flashing on Linux
  • Fix selection of images in folders with file extension on Mac OS


  • Update Electron to v1.7.11

v1.3.0 - 2018-01-04


  • Display connected Compute Modules even if Windows doesn't have the necessary drivers to act on them
  • Add read/write retry delays with backoff to ...
  • Add native application menu (which fixes OS native window management shortcuts not working)


  • Fix "Couldn't scan drives" error
  • Ensure the writer process dies when the GUI application is killed
  • Run elevated writing process asynchronously on Windows
  • Fix trailing space in environment variables during Windows elevation
  • Don't send analytics events when attempting to toggle a disabled drive
  • Fix handling of transient write errors on Linux (EBUSY)
  • Fix runaway perl process in drivelist on Mac OS


  • Update Electron from v1.7.9 to v1.7.10
  • Remove Angular dependency from image-writer

v1.2.1 - 2017-12-06


  • Fix handling of temporary read/write errors
  • Don't send initial Mixpanel events before "Anonymous Tracking" settings are loaded
  • Fix verification step reading from the cache

v1.2.0 - 2017-11-22


  • Display actual write speed
  • Add the progress and status to the window title.
  • Add a sudo-prompt upon launch on Linux-based systems.
  • Add optional progress bars to drive-selector drives.
  • Increase the flashing speed of usbboot discovered devices.
  • Add eye candy to usbboot initialized devices.
  • Integrate Raspberry Pi's usbboot technology.


  • Fix bzip2 streaming with the new pipelines
  • Remove Linux elevation meant for usbboot.
  • Fix LIBUSB_ERROR_NO_DEVICE error at the end of usbboot.
  • Gracefully handle scenarios where a USB drive is disconnected halfway through the usbboot procedure.
  • Make sure the progress button is always rounded.
  • Fix permission denied issues when XDG_RUNTIME_DIR is mounted with the noexec option.
  • Fix Etcher being unable to read certain zip files
  • Fix "Couldn't scan the drives: An unknown error occurred" error when there is a drive locked with BitLocker.
  • Fix "Missing state eta" error when speed is zero
  • Fix "Stuck on Starting..." error
  • Fix situations where the process would get stuck while flashing


  • Add the Python version (2.7) to the CONTRIBUTING doc.
  • Remove duplicate debug enabling in usbboot module.
  • Update Electron to v1.7.9
  • Retry ejection various times before giving up on Windows.
  • Try to use $XDG_RUNTIME_DIR to extract temporary scripts on GNU/Linux.

v1.1.2 - 2017-08-07


  • Add support for .rpi-sdcard images


  • Avoid "broken" icon when selecting a zip image archive with invalid SVG
  • Fix UNABLE_TO_GET_ISSUER_CERT_LOCALLY error at startup when behind certain proxies
  • Fix EHOSTDOWN error at startup
  • Display a user-friendly error message if the user is not in the sudoers file
  • Make archive-embedded SVG icons work again
  • Fix "imageBasename is not defined" error on the CLI
  • Fix various drive scanning Windows errors


  • Improve Windows drive detection error codes.

v1.1.1 - 2017-07-25


  • Prevent "percentage above 100%" errors on DMG images
  • Fix Etcher not starting flashes in AppImages
  • Fix most "Unmount failed" errors on macOS

v1.1.0 - 2017-07-20


  • Add image name, drive name, and icon to OS notifications
  • Add support for .sdcard images
  • Start publishing RPM packages
  • Generate single-binary portable installers on Windows
  • Show friendlier error dialogs when opening an image results in an error
  • Generate one-click Windows NSIS installers
  • Show the application version in the WebView banners
  • Show a warning message if the selected image has no partition table
  • Make use of pkg to package the Etcher CLI
  • Send anonymous analytics about package types
  • Minor style improvements to the fallback success page banner
  • Turn the update notifier modal into a native dialog


  • Fix "You don't have access to this resource" error at startup when behind a firewall
  • Fix UNABLE_TO_VERIFY_LEAF_SIGNATURE error at startup when behind a proxy
  • Reset webview after navigating away from the success screen
  • Fix occasional increased CPU usage because of perl regular expression in macOS
  • Don't install to C:\Program Files (x86) on 64-bit Windows systems
  • Fix "file is not accessible" error when flashing an image that lives inside a directory whose name is UTF-16 encoded on Windows.
  • Fix various interrelated Windows .bat spawning issues
  • Fix 0.0 GB Windows drive detection issues
  • Cleanup drive detection temporary scripts in GNU/Linux and macOS
  • Ensure no analytics events are sent if error reporting is disabled
  • Retry various times on EAGAIN when spawning drive scanning scripts
  • Don't break up size numbers in the drive selector


  • Remove "Advanced" settings subtitle
  • Remove support for the ETCHER_DISABLE_UPDATES environment variable
  • Swap speed and time below the flashing progress bar

v1.0.0 - 2017-05-12


  • Implement a dynamic finish page.
  • Display nicer error dialog when reading an invalid image.


  • Prevent drive from getting re-mounted in macOS even when the unmount on success setting is enabled.
  • Fix ECONNRESET and ECONNREFUSED errors when checking for updates on unstable connections.
  • Fix application stuck at "Starting..." on Windows.
  • Fix error on startup when Windows username contained an ampersand.

v1.0.0-rc.5 - 2017-05-02


  • Fix various elevation issues on Windows
  • Treat unknown images as octet stream
  • Fix uncaught errors when cancelling elevation requests on Windows when the system's language is not English.

v1.0.0-rc.4 - 2017-04-22


  • Fix "Unmount failed" on Windows where the PC is connected to network drives.
  • Various fixes for when drive descriptions contain special characters.


  • Show a friendly user message on EIO after many retries.
  • Show user friendly messages for EBUSY, read and EBUSY, write errors on macOS.

v1.0.0-rc.3 - 2017-04-14


  • Show a user friendly message when the drive is unplugged half-way through.
  • Fix "UNKNOWN: unknown error" error when unplugging an SD Card from an internal reader on Windows.
  • Fix "function createError(opts) {}" error on validation failure.
  • Fix "Unmount failed, invalid drive" error on Windows.
  • Fix Apple disk image detection & streaming.


  • Improve error reporting accuracy.

v1.0.0-rc.2 - 2017-04-11


  • Display a user error if the image is no longer accessible when the writer starts.
  • Prevent uncaught EISDIR when dropping a directory to the application.
  • Fix "Path must be a string. Received undefined" when selecting Apple images.
  • Don't interpret certain ISO images as unsupported.

v1.0.0-rc.1 - 2017-04-10


  • Add support for Apple Disk images.
  • Add the un-truncated drive description to the selected drive step tooltip.
  • Prevent flashing an image that is larger than the drive with the CLI.


  • Prevent progress button percentage to exceed 100%.
  • Don't print stack traces by default in the CLI.
  • Prevent blank application when sending SIGINT on GNU/Linux and macOS.
  • Fix unmounting freezing in macOS.
  • Fix GNU/Linux udev error when net.ifnames is set.
  • Fix ENOSPC image alignment errors.
  • Fix errors when unplugging drives exactly when the drive scanning scripts are running.
  • Fix several unmount related issues in all platforms.
  • Fix "rawr i'm a dinosaur" bzip2 error.


  • Make errors more user friendly throughout the application.
  • Don't report "invalid archive" errors to TrackJS.
  • Stop drive scanning loop if an error occurs.
  • Don't include user paths in Mixpanel analytics events.
  • Provide a user friendly error message when no polkit authentication agent is available on the system.
  • Show friendly drive name instead of device name in the main screen.
  • Start reporting errors to Sentry instead of to TrackJS.

v1.0.0-beta.19 - 2017-02-24


  • Show warning when user tries to flash a Windows image
  • Update the image step icon with an hexagonal "plus" icon.
  • Update main page design to its new style.
  • Swap the order of the drive and image selection steps.


  • Fix transformRequest error at startup when not connected to the internet, or when on an unstable connection.
  • Prevent flashing the drive where the source image is located.
  • Fix text overflowing on tooltips.
  • Don't ignore errors coming from the Windows drive detection script.
  • Omit empty SD Card readers in the drive selector on Windows.
  • Fix "Error: Command Failed" error when unmounting on Windows.
  • Fix duplicate error messages on some errors.
  • Fix 'MySQL' is not recognised as an internal or external command error on Windows.
  • Ignore stderr output from drive detection scripts if they exit with code zero.


  • Improve validation error message.
  • Emit an analytics event on ENOSPC.
  • Normalize button text casing.
  • Don't auto select system drives in unsafe mode.
  • Use a OS dialog to show the "exit while flashing" warning.
  • Capitalize every text throughout the application.

v1.0.0-beta.18 - 2017-01-16


  • Improve Etcher CLI error messages.
  • Replace the --robot CLI option with an ETCHER_CLI_ROBOT environment variable.
  • Sort supported extensions alphabetically in the image file-picker.
  • Label system drives in the drive-list widget.
  • Show available Etcher version in the update notifier.
  • Confirm before user quits while writing.
  • Add a changelog link to the update notifier modal.
  • Make the image file picker attach to the main window (as a real modal).


  • Fix alignment of single call to action buttons inside modals.
  • Fix "Invalid message" error caused by the IPC client emitting multiple JSON objects as a single message.
  • Fix "This key is already associated with an element of this collection" error when multiple partitions point to the same drive letter on Windows.
  • Fix system drives detected as removable drives on Mac Mini.
  • Fix sporadic "EIO: i/o error, read" errors during validation.
  • Fix "EIO: i/o error, write" error.

v1.0.0-beta.17 - 2016-11-28


  • Fix command line arguments not interpreted correctly when running the CLI with a custom named NodeJS binary.
  • Wrap drive names and descriptions in the drive selector widget.
  • Allow the user to press ESC to cancel a modal dialog.
  • Fix "Can't set the flashing state when not flashing" error.
  • Fix writing process remaining alive after the GUI is closed.
  • Check available permissions in the CLI early on.
  • Fix this.log is not a function error when clicking "flash again".
  • Fix duplicate drives in Windows.
  • Fix drive scanning exceptions on GNU/Linux systems with net.ifnames enabled.
  • Fix 0x80131700 error when scanning drives on Windows.
  • Fix internal SDCard drive descriptions.
  • Fix unmount issues in GNU/Linux and OS X when paths contain spaces.
  • Fix "Not Enough Space" error when flashing unaligned images.
  • Fix at least one volume could not be unmounted error in OS X.

v1.0.0-beta.16 - 2016-10-28


  • Use info icon instead of "SHOW FULL FILE NAME" in first step.
  • Display image path base name as a tooltip on truncated image name.
  • Add support for etch images.


  • Fix Etcher leaving zombie processes behind in GNU/Linux.
  • Prevent escaping issues during elevation by surrounding paths in double quotes.
  • Fix "Unexpected end of JSON" error in Windows.
  • Fix drag and drop not working anymore.
  • Don't clear selection state when re-selecting an image.


  • Publish standalone Windows builds.

v1.0.0-beta.15 - 2016-09-26


  • Allow the user to disable auto-update notifications with an environment variable.
  • Allow images to declare a recommended minimum drive size.


  • Fix flashing never starting after elevation in GNU/Linux.
  • Fix sporadic EPERM write errors on Windows.
  • Fix incorrect validation errors when flashing bzip2 images.
  • Fix cscript is not recognised as an internal or external command Windows error.

v1.0.0-beta.14 - 2016-09-12


  • Allow archive images to configure a certain amount of bytes to be zeroed out from the beginning of the drive when using bmaps.
  • Make the "Need help?" link dynamically open the image support url.
  • Add .bmap support.


  • Don't clear the drive selection if clicking the "Retry" button.
  • Fix "modal.dismiss is not a function" exception.
  • Prevent ENOSPC if the drive capacity is equal to the image size.
  • Prevent failed validation due to drive getting auto-mounted in GNU/Linux.
  • Fix incorrect estimated entry sizes in certain ZIP archives.
  • Show device id if device doesn't have an assigned drive letter in Windows.
  • Fix blkid: command not found error in certain GNU/Linux distributions.


  • Upgrade etcher-image-stream to v4.3.0.
  • Upgrade drivelist to v3.3.0.
  • Improve speed when retrieving archive image metadata.
  • Improve image full file name modal tooltip.

v1.0.0-beta.13 - 2016-08-05


  • Show "Unmounting..." while unmounting a drive.
  • Perform drive auto-selection even when there is no selected image.


  • Prevent selected drive from getting auto-removed when navigating back to the main screen from another screen.
  • Fix new available drives not being recognised automatically in Windows.
  • Fix application stuck at "Finishing".
  • Display an error if no graphical polkit authentication agent was found.
  • Only enable error reporting if running inside an asar.
  • Fix "backdrop click" uncaught errors on modals.


  • Fix internal removable drives considered system drives in macOS Sierra.
  • Upgrade etcher-image-write to v6.0.1.
  • Upgrade removedrive to v1.0.0.

v1.0.0-beta.12 - 2016-07-26


  • Support rich image extensions.
  • Add support for raw images.
  • Display a nice alert ribbon if drive runs out of space.
  • Validate the existence of the passed drive.
  • Add an "unsafe" option to bypass drive protection.


  • Escape quotes from image paths to prevent Bash errors on GNU/Linux and OS X.
  • Check if drive is large enough using the final uncompressed size of the image.


  • Upgrade drivelist to v3.2.4.

v1.0.0-beta.11 - 2016-07-17


  • Set dialog default directory to the place where the AppImage was run from in GNU/Linux.


  • Don't throw an "Invalid image" error if the extension is not in lowercase.
  • Fix ENOENT error when selecting certain images with multiple extensions on GNU/Linux.
  • Fix flashing not starting when an image name contains a space.
  • Fix error when writing images containing parenthesis in GNU/Linux and OS X.
  • Fix error when cancelling an elevation request.
  • Fix incorrect ETA numbers in certain timezones.
  • Fix state validation error when speed equals zero.
  • Display *.zip in the supported images tooltip.
  • Fix uncaught exception when showing the update notifier modal.


  • Upgrade etcher-image-write to v5.0.2.

v1.0.0-beta.10 - 2016-06-27


  • Add support for dsk images.
  • Only elevate the writer process instead of the whole application.
  • Make sure a drive is instantly deselected if its not available anymore.
  • Make Etcher CLI --robot option output parseable JSON strings.


  • Fix an error that prevented an AppImage from being directly ran as root.
  • Ensure we pass the correct argument types to electron.dialog.showErrorBox().
  • Don't re-check for updates when navigating back to the main screen.
  • Emit window progress even when not on the main screen.
  • Improve aliasing of the striped progress button.
  • Fix EPERM errors on Windows.


  • Add documentation for the Etcher CLI.
  • Add a GitHub issue template.
  • Open DevTools in "undocked" mode by default.

v1.0.0-beta.9 - 2016-06-20


  • Don't interpret image file name information between dots as image extensions.

v1.0.0-beta.8 - 2016-06-15


  • Display ETA during flash and check.
  • Show an informative label if the drive is not large enough for the selected image.
  • Show an informative label if the drive is locked (write protected).


  • Prevent certain system drives to be detected as removable in GNU/Linux.
  • Fix external resources not opening on GNU/Linux when the application is elevated.
  • Don't show an unnecessary scroll bar in the update notifier modal.
  • Prevent selection of invalid images by drag and drop.
  • Fix EPERM errors on Windows on drives formatted with a GUID Partition Table.
  • Prevent a very long image name from breaking the UI.


  • Write a document explaining Etcher's architecture.

v1.0.0-beta.7 - 2016-05-26


  • Add gzip compression support.
  • Add bzip2 compression support.
  • Provide a GUI elevation dialog for GNU/Linux.


  • Fix broken image drag and drop functionality.
  • Prevent global shortcuts from interfering with another applications.
  • Prevent re-activating the "Flash" button with the keyboard shortcuts when a flash is already in process.
  • Fix certain non-removable Windows devices not being filtered out.
  • Display non-mountable Windows drives in the drive selector.


  • Upgrade Electron to v1.1.1.
  • Various improvements to the build system.

v1.0.0-beta.6 - 2016-05-12


  • Implement update notifier modal.
  • Implement writing by forking the Etcher CLI as a child process.


  • Prevent selection of drives that are not large enough for the selected image.


  • Remove implicit "Enable" from settings screen items.

v1.0.0-beta.5 - 2016-05-04


  • Add xz compression support.


  • Improve "Select Image" supported file types label.
  • Fix error that prevented the application to be elevated correctly on Windows.


  • Deprecate GNU/Linux .tar.gz installers in favor of AppImages.

v1.0.0-beta.4 - 2016-04-22


  • Generate AppImage packages for GNU/Linux.
  • Add application version to footer, which links to the CHANGELOG.
  • Allow to bypass elevation with an environment variable (ETCHER_BYPASS_ELEVATION).


  • Improve drive selector modal.
  • Add dashed underline stlying to footer links.


  • Upgrade Electron to v0.37.6.
  • Integrate Etcher CLI in this git repository.

v1.0.0-beta.3 - 2016-04-17


  • Show drive name in drive selector modal.
  • Add subtle hover styling to footer links.
  • Implement OS notifications on completion.
  • Allow to drag and drop an image to the first step.
  • Add Etcher logo to application footer.
  • Add "Change" button links below each step.
  • Invert progress bar stripes during validation.


  • Fix window contents being pushed below when opening the drive selector modal.
  • Detect removal of selected drive.
  • Detect MacBook SDCard readers in OS X.
  • Improve removable drive detection on Windows.
  • Keep one decimal in Windows drive sizes.
  • Prevent error dialog not showing on malformed Error objects.
  • Fix window being resizable on GNU/Linux.
  • Hide drive selector modal if no available drives.
  • Make drive selector modal react to drive auto-selection.
  • Improve UX when attempting to re-selecta single available drive.
  • Reset writer state on flash error.
  • Fix stream.push() after EOF error when flashing unaligned images.


  • Compress Linux executables and libraries.
  • Compress Windows DLLs.
  • Make GNU/Linux binary lowercase.
  • Replace all occurrences of "burn" with "flash".

v1.0.0-beta.2 - 2016-04-07


  • Implement a new drive selector modal widget.
  • Log Etcher version in Mixpanel and TrackJS events to aid debugging.
  • Implement write validation support.
  • Add a setting to enable/disable write validation.


  • Make sure window size is uniform between platforms.
  • Fix "Use same image" button not preserving the image selection.
  • Fix step vertical bars slight mis-alignment.
  • Fix vertical spacing between success message and disk unmount notice label.
  • Fix focus CSS style being persisted in the buttons after a click in some cases.
  • Fix uncaught exception if no file was selected from a dialog.
  • Fix external URL opening freezing applications in GNU/Linux.
  • Fix code-signing issues in OS X in some systems.


  • Heavy general refactoring.

v1.0.0-beta.1 - 2016-03-28


  • Allow window to be dragged from anywhere.
  • Add more application metadata to installation package.
  • Setup code-signing for Windows.


  • Fix uncaught error after rejecting elevation in OS X.
  • Upgrade drivelist to v2.0.9, which includes various drive scanning improvements.
  • Make sure error is logged if its trapped with an error dialog.
  • Fix broken state when going to settings from the success screen.
  • Fix Cannot read property 'length' of undefined frequent issue.
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