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Etcher CLI

The Etcher CLI is a command-line tool that aims to provide all the benefits of the Etcher desktop application in a way that can be run from a terminal, or even used from a script.

In fact, the Etcher desktop application is simply a wrapper around the CLI, which is the place where the actual writing logic takes place.


Head over to, download the package that corresponds to your operating system, and then follow the installation instructions there.


etcher -v


  --help, -h     show help
  --version, -v  show version number
  --drive, -d    drive
  --check, -c    validate write
  --yes, -y      confirm non-interactively
  --unmount, -u  unmount on success

Debug mode

You can set the ETCHER_CLI_DEBUG environment variable to make the Etcher CLI print error stack traces.