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Hoversnap is a node application that controls a PTP camera connected over USB (a DSLR, or simply your smartphone) and captures picture whenever a jump is detected using a simple DIY floor pad connected to the GPIO interface of a Raspberry Pi.


This is a supercharged application. Clone it, push it to your resin endpoint and you're good to go!


The recipe for this project is as follows:

  • Raspberry Pi with ethernet cable for internet connectivity and USB -> micro USB cable for power.
  • A spare Ethernet cable
  • A clothes-peg
  • A piece of aluminium foil
  • A breadboard, for example the AD-102 from Maplin.
  • Jumper wires to connect everything. For example, these male-to-female connectors from Maplin.

Build Instructions

DIY Floor Switch

  1. Tear ethernet cable apart
  2. Wrap each part of the clothes-peg with aluminium foil
  3. Connect wires to each part of the clothes-peg


  1. Connect your camera using a USB cable to your RaspberryPi.
  2. Connect the floor switch you just made to the GPIO pins of your Pi. Here is a schematic and a diagram of the circuit: Circuit schematic Circuit diagram
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