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Tools to Query and Orchestrate the ‘BinaryEdge’ ‘API’


‘BinaryEdge’ acquires, analyzes and classifies internet-wide data by combining efforts in the areas of ‘cybersecurity’, engineering and data science. Tools are provided to work with the ‘BinaryEdge’ ‘API’ <>

To use this package you will need to go to and register for an account.

PRs welcome!


  • be_api_key: Get or set BINARYEDGE_API_KEY value
  • dnsipQuery: Query DNS database - IP
  • dnsQuery: Query DNS database
  • dns_ip_query: Query DNS database - IP
  • dns_query: Query DNS database
  • domaindataleakQuery: Query dataleak database - domain
  • domain_data_leak_query: Query dataleak database - domain
  • emaildataleakQuery: Query dataleak database - email
  • historicalQuery: Query host database
  • historicaltorrentQuery: Query historical torrent
  • hostQuery: Query host database
  • imageQuery: Query image IP
  • imagesearchQuery: Image Query search
  • riskscoreQuery: Query Score for IP
  • searchQuery: Query search
  • subdomainQuery: Query domains database - domain
  • torrentQuery: Query torrent database

(NOTE: snake case versions are also provided)