Youtube-like site written in Rails. Uses ffmpeg, flowplayer, attachment_fu, authlogic, acts_as_taggable_on_steroids
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Author: Ralph Edge

  Video-App is a YouTube-like site written in rails.  It converts video to flash(ffmpeg) and plays videos using FlowPlayer(an open-source flash video player).  Has Pagination(will_paginate), Tagging/Tag Cloud(acts_as_taggable_on_steroids), User Authentication(authlogic), Video Replies, and Video Thumbnails.  Video conversion is done in a seperate process, using the Spawn plugin.  Uses Rails Version can change the Rails version it uses in config/environment.rb

To Install: (let me know if I need to add anything to this)
  *Download the code: 

    git clone git://
    cd video-app

  *(Optional) switch to branch 0.2:  

    git fetch origin 0.2:0.2
    git checkout 0.2
  *Edit your config/databases.yml
  *Install will_paginate - if you don't have it already
    sudo gem install will_paginate
  *install ffmpeg - you may need to download and compile from source -
    In Ubuntu:
      sudo apt-get install ffmpeg
  *create and migrate database
    rake db:create
    rake db:migrate
  *launch server