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This is as far as I have gotten I would like to talk with someone who is willing to help me get further into adding support for this device.

n1gp commented Dec 15, 2012

Hi GRMrGecko,

I guess we've both been working on the R820T support this past week.
I had just check my own changes in to:

I haven't looked too far through your changes. I was able to get something
working with my NooElec DVB-T dongle using boris_server, ExtIO_USRP.dll,
and HDSDR under linux using wine.

As you know the rtl-sdr tuner_r820t.c code was in need of cleaning up. I
didn't bother trying so it's still messy and maybe even messier.

I have another dongle that is E4K based, a Terratec stick. I find that both
sticks are not on frequency, about +44.5Khz off under HDSDR. Also the
sampling rate pull down in ExtIO_USRP.dll has entries that don't match
the sample rates of my sticks.

I left comments "RRK" in places I was unsure about.

I hope you can take my changes and yours and come up with a better
R820T support.



balint256 commented Apr 10, 2013

Hi guys,
Thank you very much for getting things kicked off!
Not sure if you've seen but I cleaned up the R820T code (removed globals, etc), added gain control, and also pulled in the necessary modulator control code to enable IF reception (thanks again to the RTL-SDR developers). If you're still keen to see if it works, give it a whirl and let me know how you go...
Thanks again!
Kind regards,

balint256 closed this Apr 24, 2013

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