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adding a note about where the uid can be gotten

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1 parent 3649b79 commit 8ef550aa8ccf3bdf625f869c8bab1bd262b13a56 @ballantyne committed Oct 31, 2011
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  1. +1 −0 lib/omniauth/strategies/tqq.rb
@@ -31,6 +31,7 @@ def consumer
+ #TODO: this is missing from the raw_info request. it is in other api methods. should we make two calls?
uid { access_token.params[:open_id] }
info do

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I've been using the tqq strategy implementation from omniauth itself(oa-oauth/lib/omniauth/strategies/tqq.rb) which was originally contributed by @he9qi. Also the t163, weibo, douban, sohu etc.

I wonder why you're working on them again, and when you're done, they would probably conflict with them? I'm a little confused.

As for the uid issue, IMHO, it's ok to make another api call to get uid, since an user_info api call was already made. Actually I opened an issue at intridea/omniauth#519 to discuss the lost of uid, and planned to fix it.....Though I've already done some fall-back(such as using a unique username field) in my app to work around even when there's no uid.




ballantyne replied Nov 1, 2011


ballantyne replied Nov 1, 2011

oh cool, using the username would be a good idea

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